Longboarding Trashed

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Kushjob, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. . . . resulted in an awesome time.

    Lots of alcohol and a bowl later I find myself cruising the streets, free at last. Getting low and getting down.

    The world would be a better place if everyone just grabbed a longboard and went outside.

    Yes, I'm expecting CSB.
  2. Sweet story, sister.

    No really, I got some good imagery from that, now I want to go longboarding.
  3. i love longboarding
    but i live in the city right now :(

  4. carve the streets man! i love longboarding high i feel like im flying lol
  5. I get that feeling when I'm cycling high. It feels like "Soaring so high above the world, Never thought I could be so free. I'm one with the birds, and magic is all I see." :hippie:
  6. long boarding high is the best! is so peaceful making S turns down a hill.

    i have a regular skateboard though, i ate it so hard recently taking a turn too fast
  7. until you eat shit, longboarding is pretty fucking awesome. I prefer skateboarding though :D, more of a skillful sport.
  8. Unfortunately I live at the top of a mountain on a long dirt road.

    I've been wanting to get into mountain boarding for a while but between my car loan and saving for an apartment I have no money.
  9. how i love to longboard super smacked. not as much getting drunk to but getting real high and going down some hills is insane.

    i always wonderd if most longboarders smoke budds too
  10. I concur actually.

    Try watching the DH longboard videos, specifically from Landyachtz team. That's a lot more intense then most pro street skating.

    I find most longboarders do smoke bud, I don't suggest ever riding drunk though. All it takes is one wobble down the wrong hill and you're going to regret ever stepping on one.
  11. I switched out the trucks and wheels off of sector 9 mini and put them on a sick ass old school 80's Powell single-tail deck, then threw in some Pig Ceramic bearings. My favorite skateboard ever

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