Longboarding accident

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  1. Two weeks ago I tried bombing a hill near my friends house on my longboard. I was rising on the sidewalk and ended up hopping the curb and falling off my board at about 40 mph. I slid about 15 feet on my back and ended up with pretty bad road rash. The cut in the picture was the worst and was about the size of a quarter and the muscle on my elbow was visible through it.



    I ended up walking to my friends house and pouring rubbing alcohol on it since she didn't have hydrogen peroxide, hurt so bad I couldn't even feel it. Turning into a pretty gnarly scar.
  2. Fucking hate road rash
  3. Damn that sucks, but at least you didn't fall through the ground.

  4. ^Stoned
  5. that sucks man, the worst time I ate it I was bombing this hill for the first time at amnicon falls and there was a bunch of people there. I mean like 50+ and I come in way too hot and get speed wobbles and eat it on the pavement. I got up all bloody, grabbed my board, and started pumping away. I felt like such a badass.
  6. [quote name='"blazedasfuck"']I got up all bloody, grabbed my board, and started pumping away. I felt like such a badass.[/quote]

    Haha dude I got up, left my board on the hill in the middle of the road, and walked to the closest grass and just sat down.
  7. take it like a champ!:) i used to bmx alot and there was this kicker that put you up about a good 7 or 8 feet and i used to bmx with really gnarly bmxers with sponsors and everything. i wasnt really good at all heh:) i tried my first superman seat grab.. my pedal was already broken and all sharp and pointy. ended up not even getting close and landing on the pedal and got stabbed by it. went through muscle and got 3 layers of stitches in it. at first i thought it was a really bad dead leg then i took off my pants and there was a hole in my leg. sorry for the vocab/grammar im blazed as a mutherfucker.
  8. You're brave, man. 40mph down a hill on a board with wheels? No way to brake?

    Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit o_O

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