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Longboard stolen what do i do ?

Discussion in 'General' started by uncookedyew3, Jan 1, 2013.

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    Today, I was burning in the forest with friends and my longboard was right by me and this kid that I hate came out of no where into the forest and stole my longboard. I chased him up a hill but there was an icy patch and I fell and he hopped on a bus with it...

    I know who he his because he's in my English class... So either I call the cops and get beat up by his friends and be labelled a snitch at school, or beat the shit out of him and possibly get charged.

    I can't call the cops anyway because they will be like what were you doing when it was stolen? So what do i do ?
  2. Have a break dancing fight for the longboard
  3. [ame=]Shawty Lo-Dey Know - YouTube[/ame]
  4. follow him assasins creed style to his house and steal some thing of value, find out what time he leaves and follow him
  5. tell him whats up in class. AFTER SCHOOL AND AWAY FROM SCHOOL GROUNDS put his ass to sleep, strip search his ass. wait for him to wake up, tell him its your longboard or you knock his ass out again.

    repeat as necessary until long board is returned
  6. Hahah shit man stalk that prick until he leaves with it than when he does jump his ass and run away with the longboard
  7. you'd be a snitch for using the law to your advantage? that's why we have authority. kid stole your property. go to the police
  8. Yea man i kinda agree with this...Your not really snitching, just doing the right thing. Snitching is when you and a buddy rob a back, and you get caught and tell the police who your buddy is..

    And if his friends beat you up, call the police on them :p
  9. my true smokers know you cant turn to the law

    still have scars from fighting the police and their Nazi k9 in the local . . . naw shorty I'm not turning to the "authority"
  10. Call the police. Tell the police he made threats to beat you up if you told on him. Problem solved. If someone touches you after that he's fucked.
  11. Police will not care about your long board. You gotta settle this shit yourself. Maybe push that bitch off the longboard or throw a stick under it while he riding and get your shit back.
  12. the label of a snitch is a lifetime scar
    you'll always be in jail
    just minus the bars
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    Lol are you in 9th grade? It's not snitching if he stole your shit. Snitching is unnecessary things, like when some kid rats out a pot dealer for no reason.. Grow up lol, labeled as a "snitch". And if you beat him up, his friends will probably beat you up too.. Good luck.
  14. So then what do I do ...?
  15. Wow, this may be an infraction, story bro.
  16. Continue purchasing and allowing him to steal your longboards, never allowing him in on your secret plan: One day he will be trapped in his apartment and die in a longboard avalanche of his own creation. A longboardalanche if you will.
  17. Seriously? What are you, like 12 years old? lol
    You don't have to tell the officers you were smoking weed.. wow.
    Even if you do, they can't do anything about it as long as you have nothing on you. However, I admire your honesty, or maybe that's just stupidity. lol
  18. Beat the living fuck out of him. If someone stole my longboard i would brake their fucken jaw real quick.
  19. Catch his ass in the bathroom go on in and lock the door behind you and kick that fucking door down and start beating his ass while he's taking a shit. You'll get the point across.
  20. You gotta break his legs man. Think about it. His legs snuck up on you and his legs ran away from you and his legs are now ridding your longboard. Tell him Merry Christmas and take a crowbar to his legs a few dozen times. That should teach him not to fuck with you.

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