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  1. There's this house we always smoked at but we had to sneak in through this window, so we layed out our longboards along the wall. My friend saw it and took a cell-phone picture. We later realized it looked pertty cool, and we all set it as our phone backgrounds.
    BTW, the house has an owner and everything, but it seems like they're never there. But they recently put up a no trespassing sign and locked the window.. But that just means we smoke in his shed which is actually better..

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  2. so you break into somebodys house to smoke?

  3. this.

  4. Why not just do the right thing ?....... Rock a skate board XD
  5. i think you forgot to include a plot in the thread....
  6. Is it the cover a Dirty Squatter Magazine?
  7. Longboards....check
    Magazine cover.....????
  8. You cant talk about shit like this on Gc. So any way are you breaking in to just smoke and man thats not right maybe they are old people >.> im just high and fill bad for the owners of that nice house.
  9. hahahaha i just lold really hard. Thank you.
  10. Yeah, seriously... they obviously know that people have been trespassing and stuff, so you guys were either being loud and they could hear you, or you weren't leaving things the same way you found them. That's not cool.
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    What happens when they catch you and you break their hip trying to stop them before they call the cops?
  12. You should change the randals to indys on that supercharger. Earthwing boards were made for indys and trust me it'll become much more fun :)
  13. Ok......

    So I read the thread title..........

    Then read the original post..........

    Then I got a headache trying to figure out how the two are related..........


    Breaking and entering is lame. Somebody worked hard to pay for that house. What gives you the right to use it without permission?

    Not cool.
  14. So I totally thought when I clicked on the thread that I was gonna read a story about how the OP got his picture on the cover of a longboarding magazine. Or something. I was going to come in here and tell the OP how gnarly he is.

    Totally let down man...bummer..

  15. Someone left a kick longboard in my sisters car and its kickass, its like my main form of transportation

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