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  1. Hey there guys and gals I've figured out an lst method that works the best for my setup :) toothpicks!! You can use as many as you need to move every fan leaf into perfect position so every lower node is getting some of those watts! Produces zero to no shade for the leaves haha. Check it out, try it out, and you'll love it haha.

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    They are called skewers lol. But not a bad idea.
  3. For me, I don't want to crucify my leafs....they did that to jesus, and that turned out shitty. :poke:

    Plus, it's probable that your creating sites for disease and viral infection. Fuc*ing smart! :cool:
  4. Lol I'm not crucifying anything and I don't think a little piece of wood will cause a infection of a viral manner..
  5. Where in the pictures do you see him actually stabbing the plants?:wave:
  6. Exactly!

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  7. My method I used this grow I looped a piece a string around each branch I wanted to move, then pull it down to where I want it, and hot glued the string to the edge of my 5 gallon buckets to hold it in place worked very well. It's only my second grow in a 5'Wx2'Dx5'H so not very big. Training makes such a big difference its hard to believe everyone doesn't do it!
  8. i also use to lst in a simular manor but i used the U hook Spikes that hold the branches in place...only problem is once your plant gets larger and stronger its going to pull those little sticks right out of the soil...and the larger the plant the stronger it seems to pull up toward the light.


  9. True, My bitch just grew 2 inches overnight to 2' foot 2'' inches the other night. Pulled my lst stick out and put 4 of em in its place. :cool: Stay. Good Girl.

  10. Thats the nice thing about hot glue, it won't budge and is easy to reposition. Although I tend to burn myself lol.
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    I did almost the same thing but I tied the strings to pre drilled Holes in the rim of the pot... I burn my self too much as it is... Hot glue is scary


    See the strings? They are actually long twist ties

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