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Long time user faint

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Ttdddd, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. Hello all,

    I've been smoking weed now for a few years going between periods of every day to once a month so nothing 'crazy'.

    A couple months back I was round a friends having a spliff when I pass out (eyes rolling, arms shaking).

    I then go to Amsterdam that weekend and smoke all weekend with no problem.

    I then come home smoke again and have the same feeling but managed to not pass out and again a week later.

    I've not smoked now for 2 months and would like to start smoking again but worried I'll pass out.

    Like I said been smoking for years with no problems, so want people's advice and suggestions
  2. Would like to add I've been to the doctor had blood tests and an ECG and all came back fine so doesn't seem to be any underlying issues
  3. Did you have that happen coughing? That happens to me .. My artery gets pinched in laughing or coughing fits some times and if I'm sick it happens coughing Syncope (Fainting). Read that
  4. I get the same thing if I go over 5 hits. On anything. That's my limit.
  5. No wasn't coughing just happened haha
    And that's the thing I can smoke a whole spliff by myself and not have any problems just last few times.

    Thinking it might be the strain especially cos I was fine in Amsterdam.
  6. My gf has passed out a few times after heavy smoking varying in different degrees of severity, nothing to bad but she knows when it's going to happen so she lies down for a minute for that feeling to go and she is fine,
    My advice would be, if you start to feel a bit funny then take a few minutes and lie down and let it pass, then even if you do pass out you'll be lying down anyway so you won't hurt yourself

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  7. The first and only time I ever fainted off of bud was when I did a huge gravity-bong hit at a party. It was the most amazing sensation before I fainted I felt like my body was slowly starting to rise into the air (kinda like how they showed people high at the club in 'Half Baked') then I passed out and woke up confused with a bunch of people looking down at me. Interesting moment to say the least.

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