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Long time smoker first time trying gummies.

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by letsmokeasweet, Dec 2, 2022.

  1. So I have been smoking flower forever. I love it but I want to give my lungs a break. Figured I would try edibles. I’m going to get some gummies next week. I’ll probably have a gummy in the morning instead of my standard wake and bake.

    I hear how people have bad first time experiences so idk…

    i figured I have a high tolerance so I’m worried I won’t consume enough and won’t feel anything.

    i never measured my weed. With smoking it, u feel it kind of right away but with edibles it takes up to a couple hours???

    so what would u have done differently the first time u tried an edible. Was it the first time consuming weed or did u smoke it?
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  2. Don't confuse Smoking tolerance with edible tolerance.
    Edibles involve your Liver transforming Delta-9-THC into the much stronger, longer lasting 11-Hydroxy-THC.

    Coconut Oil based edibles kick in as fast as 45 minutes. Everything else from Avocado to Safflower Oil takes 2 full hours. Read the ingredients it should list what oil was used.

    Eat 10 milligrams.
    Wait 2 full hours.
    If not stoned
    Eat another 10mg
    Wait 2 more hours
    if not stoned
    Eat 20mg more
    Wait 2 additional hours
    If not
    Eat 40mg more

    Keep doubling and waiting between until it works. While slow (may take all day) it is the safe and sane way to find your dosing range. My wife is wrecked on 5mg. I took 225 for breakfast and another 150 at 4pm.
    Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads

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  3. If I were you, I will follow @BrassNwood instructions.
    Another point to mention - your tolerance. There is no accurate answer I can give you, but although 1 capsules is enough for me I see regular tokers often take 2 at once…they don’t light up anything the rest of the day haha
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  4. Thank you for explaining that. If the liver transforms it when u eat it…what transforms it when u smoke it?

    I tried a half. Waited two hours. Didn’t feel
    Anything so I smoked a bowl and I FELT it lol. It feels nice. I may do 3/4rs next time so I don’t have to smoke much. I guess the whole point of the edible is to give my lungs a break. That’s why I ask about the liver

    cause if i been smoking all these years, what process’s it? I smoke to much and I need to cut that back since I’m getting old. When I was younger I figured I would just quit when I got older but that never happened lol
  5. I read to many bad trip stories in here so I figured I will keep it slow. I figured the tolerance changes it up some but slowly but surly
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  6. Well, accidentally (literally) I managed to escape the fate of bad tripper haha!

    first time I made this capsules, I was filling size 0 caps holding up to 20 drops. At the end I had 4 drops left which I decided to swallow to check the taste. After this 4 drops I was so blasted… I was thankful I didn’t took one of the 0 size caps, otherwise I was one of the people writing about bad trips haha.
    Staring with 1 drop is good starting point IMO. You can even decide to dilute it twice.

    if you need any help or you have questions, you are welcome!
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  7. Smoking (flame heating) or Oven decarb changes Delta-9-THC-a (acid precursor) into the active form Delta-9-THC.
    Smoked, Vaped, Alcohol Tinctures all enter the bloodstream as Delta-9-THC.

    Oil based eaten Cannabis is transformed by the Liver enzyme CYP2C9 into 11-Hydroxy-THC. 5 times stronger and 10 times longer lasting this is a whole different drug. It will have you on hands and knees crying for your momma if you take to much. (We all have).

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  8. @letsmokeasweet

    My morning edible hits with brain melting power for the first 2 hours where the music in my headphones feels like a white hot drill. That lightens up to a functional stone after that and if it needs a little kicker it only takes a toke or two to put that edible back into overdrive and I'm ripped as shit all over again.

    It never gets old and never fails to blow the back of my head off. :) It does take a bit of experimentation to find that sweet spot dose.

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  9. Sounds like u got it down to a science lol. I been fucking it up and smoking first thing and this bud I got has a very nice buzz to it. I think I am going to take one in the middle of the day and find out
  10. What is considered oil based eaten cannabis?
  11. I like the idea of making my own shit but I think I am not ready for that stage yet lol. But damn ur lucky lol
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  12. Sometimes I wonder if accidents are really accidents
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  13. Eating Decarbed cannabis dust 50% strength
    Mixing same dust with oil and processing 220 F for 20 min = 75% strength possible
    Same dust and oil with Lecithin used = 100% extraction achieved.

    Ohh ya. Even I still misjudge the strength especially the RSO as it is more eyeball and guess then the Kief oil is. The first capsule of a batch is always a bit of an experiment.

  14. [​IMG]

    1/3 of a gram = Pinky fingernail. 50mg of THC.
    Decarb 240 F for 40 minutes (roasting cannabis in the oven uncovered)
    Grind to dust.
    Mix with just enough butter or cooking oil to make paste.
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes.
    Let cool and cut in half.
    Eat half
    Wait 2 full hours.
    If not stoned.
    Eat the rest.

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  15. Well I must admit I am damn lucky - if I took one of those 0 size caps… it was a different story haha.
    Those caps really got me into edibles. I will give it a try for sure ! Just follow Brass tips.
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  16. "Help!" I've never tried edibles YET and I'm a little freaked about trying.

    OK, I'm nervous about this. I am an admitted LIGHTWEIGHT. I only need ONE TOKE of good bud to get as stoned as I'm comfortable with. I really DON'T like being too stoned. I love being stoned, just not TOO stoned.

    I bought a bag of edibles, 10 pieces that are 10mg each. I did some very rough calculations and figured that I get about that much THC, about 10mg, from the single toke.

    What I think I'm hearing everywhere is that the edibles FEEL about TWICE AS STRONG per milligram as smoking. Is this true?

    I'm thinking of starting with a half piece, just 5mg of the edibles.
    Am I being too much of a chickenshit? Or is my caution warranted?
    Help please. :thumbsdown::thankyou:

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  17. Delta-9-THC is what smoking is and what your familiar with. Eaten Cannabis is transformed by your Liver into 11-Hydroxy-THC.

    11-Hydroxy-THC is 5 times stronger and 10 times longer lasting so never assume the two equate as they are two different drugs.

    Dosing can vary wildly as my wife is ripped on 5mg or less and I took 225mg this morning. Start low (5mg) and wait 2 full hours before taking more.

    Take 5mg
    Wait 2 hours
    If not stoned
    Take 10mg more
    Wait 2 additional hours
    If not stoned
    Take 20mg more
    if not

    Keep doubling and waiting between doses until it works and your a bit to high. Do NOT call 911 to report a cannabis overdose. It will wear off and you'll be fine no matter how crazy stoned you think you are.

    Inhaling the aroma of freshly cracked black pepper will take the edge off to much edible. Even chew a peppercorn or 2 if need be.

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  18. Thanks BrassNwood!
    You put it clearly. 5mg with patience it is. No rush on this experiment. I'll go slowly and hopefully it will all be good.

    Appreciate it!
  19. I had no idea what u said in the other post. That went over my head but this post makes sense lol

    if only they used weed in chemistry I think I would have gotten an A lol
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  20. I would do it In Stages and expect NOT to get a buzz when you do the first couple of stages

    stage one. Day one. Try a 1/4
    If u feel it and it’s a good buzz great keep it. If not go to stage two

    stage two/day two try a half
    If that don’t work

    try 3/4 the next day and up it each day until u find the right buzz

    if u do to much the first time ur not going to like it
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