Long time smoker, first time speaker

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by xxsyn69xx, May 1, 2006.

  1. Hello Everyone...

    id like to introduce myself, my name is Syn (prounounced "SIN") im a 21 year old bi-bbw from North Central, PA. Ive been an active smoker since the age of 12. Im always open to new things with new ppl, im laied back, i dont like bullshit and i dont like drama of any kind. I like to chill with friends and always looking for more. I've never seen a site like this before, and i just happened to stumble across it. so im not sure what all this is about, so any kinda info, or just a shout at would be killer....

    thanks for your time

  2. welcome to gc
  3. Greets,

    I'm new here as well. Seems like a pretty chill place, and as long as you aren't a turd, other forumnites will respect you. Personally, I'm still getting used to how slow this board moves, since I came from the second biggest forum on the internet (ign.com).
  4. Pale blue on white and lawyer sized small print.

    You don´t seriously expect people to be able to read this??
  5. Welcome to the city! :wave:

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