long thin stems and vaxy leaves

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  1. hello.

    i have few plants indoors and they seem to grow really long stems and the leaves are vaxy.
    plants are 2 weeks old. my plants are under 800w dual chip led grow light ( 80 x 10w leds )
    how close can i put the light without hurting the yang plants. iv heard 800w is too powerful for
    really small plants, opinions? i would like to hear from somebody who uses led grow lights or
    knows how they work around yang plants.

    atached pic of the plants

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  2. Whats the draw on the lamp? They are stretching real bad. I dont think its true 8hundo. Try like 18 inches above them. Get some fan on them for strength. U can bury the stems if there is room for soil. If not transplant into a bit bigger container to bury stems

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  3. i atached picture of the lamp. im going to move the lamp at 18 inch. i have tought id move the plants to larger pots, but im afraid their stems are too thin to move around.

    colours of the lamp are : red, blue ,orange, white,IR and UV

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  4. Take @punchreba s advice and get more soil around the stems.

    I'd personally (although I claim zero knowledge about LED's) use a different light for those little plants - even a couple of CFL's would work perfectly fine at their age and size. Not sure if you have any type of fluorescent lighting such as a T5 or even a shop light but if it were me I would either transplant those little plants and bury the stems deeper, put a light fan on them and drop a fluorescent, T5 or CFL light right down on top of them.

  5. thx for your replies. will put the plants on larger pots. only option on lighting in 15w fluorescent lamp, i dont think that will do. then to my other question, my plants are in old milk cadridgess for start and iv given em still water every couple days. so my question is why 2 out of 3 plants have that waxy (they have gone worse from first post) apperance, and they havent grown in maby 2-3 days. too much water? thats my guess, opinions how often i should give the plants water?
  6. "opinions how often i should give the plants water?"

    This depends entirely on the soil that you are using and how quickly the plants use up the water given.

    You want to keep soil "just moist". Not wet, not dry, but moist. An easy way to do this is to check the weight of your containers when it's just about time to water again and they are as dry as they should get. Feel the containers at that point and feel how much they weigh. At that point wet them to the point of moist again and then feel the weight of the container again and it'll be noticeably heavier. This way you can know when they need water again by the weight of the containers.

    Leafy plants like cannabis put out very fine root hairs - super fine. If the soil drys completely these root hairs can dry out completely and die. It won't kill the plant by any means but it can set things back a little so learn to keep it "just moist". Too much water in a soil that is not properly aerated and doesn't drain well can also cause a whole different set of problems. Roots need oxygen and plants simply aren't happy in a soil that can't breathe. You may find that with some soils it's worth having a sack of perlite lying around. You should be able to squeeze a handful of soil tightly yet when you touch the soil it still falls apart easily. If it stays in a tight clump then it needs more aeration added.


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