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    It seems that indica strains are better for long-term smoking sessions (ie. high all day, every day) than sativa strains. This is, of course, my opinion but I can't help but believe that it is a universal phenomena. And don't get me wrong -- I love sativa strains!

    1. Sometimes I feel depressed after smoking/vaping sativa strains all day and every day.

    2. Sativa strains make me feel stupid after smoking them all day and every day.

    3. Sativa strains make me over-analyze my entire way of life sometimes

    Indica strains seem as though they may be better for long-term use.

    Do you think sativas begin to mess with your mind after long-term use, more so than indica strains?

    I'm so high, so if anything doesn't make sense. You know.
  2. So what's your question?
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