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long term use and lungs

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ehleminator69, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Hey grasscity, i have been smoking for 2 1/2 years, and the later 2 have been every day, multiple times a day. I have never had any major problems with my lungs until now.
    Recently, to get in shape, i have picked up running and have been doing so for the past 3 days. however, after my runs i start to uncontrollable cough. I can feel myself coughing up whatevers in my lungs and when i spit out it is saliva but with chunks of brownish gunk (think like particles of hamburger). Can this be from a result of smoking more than liberally?

    I should note that i do run outside and it happens to be winter and i live in WNY. The coughing will also not start untill go inside.
    what do u think grasscity?
  2. Yes, that is caused by smoking! Your lungs naturally clear the gunk out of themselves, but when you exercise it happens faster.
  3. That shouldn't be happening as a result from smoking cannabis. Most people who smoke every day for years don't have lung problems. How do you smoke (blunt, bong, streamroller), and do you smoke anything else?
  4. That will happen as a result of inhaling any kind of smoke.
  5. That's actually a good thing....your system/lungs are cleaning themselves out hence why your spitting up the brownish stuff. so the more you cough up the better for your lungs.
  6. It's called tar... And yes it forms from smoking any kind of plant product. Also, MJ has more tar in it then tobacco, if I remember my reading correctly. Running helps loosen this tar up, and clean out your lungs a bit, how ever they will never return to 100%. Also, smoke kills your red blood cells ability to transfer oxygen. But keep up the running, it's good for you. :)
  7. Also, OP, if you're a huge daily smoker you might want to consider vaporizing. If you vaporize everyday, and smoke sparingly, perhaps once a week or month, your lungs will improve a great deal.
  8. A "grate deal" is kinda short to the observed changes in your endurance after you quit smoking and run daily (over a mile min). It's like the difference between night and day...
    At least it was for me. And then I started smoking again... and quit again... and... :rolleyes:
  9. yes vaporizing is the correct way to go, but make sure u actually buy a good vape, like a Da Buddha vape or a vapor brothers vape
  10. Dude..smoking anything damages your lungs over long periods of time. And yea if you run, its going to accelerate the healing process.

    You just blindly support cannabis, defying all reason and logic. Its people like you..
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    This site tells you a little bit about it in relationship to lung cancer.

    This one is just kinda interesting.

    There's a lot of controversy in terms of what exactly the long term effects of smoking marijuana are. For sure smoking anything can damage your lungs but whether or not said damage is irreparable is uncertain.
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    Smoke inhalation has been proven to decreases lung capacity over time, regardless of what your smoking. Not that you can't improve SOME of your lung function by quitting and getting as much loose tar out as you can but you will never get ALL of it out. You also can sear your longs as well from smoke. And that isn't to say that smoke won't be drastically worse one you, as some things will kill you when burnt.

    Also its well known that some smoke particles will destroy the red blood cells ability to exchange oxygen and co2. :)

    Edit: And by ireputable, it means that lung function and/or capacity of some one who never smoked will be higher then that of some one has smoked through out their life when you compare said two over the hill test subjects

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