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Long term usage...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BongSmoke, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. Ive been smoking for roughly 3 years, not everyday but close to it. Lately I just feel like Im not as "sharp" as I used to be not saying Im dumb just forgetting alot of stuff. I miss little things, memory issues, forget names. Just curious if any of you have went through something similar or if I should be worried.

  2. Its really up to you how your mind is going to work when you get high. If you believe your going to just get lazy and be unmotivated, you probably will be. I dunno, i started to notice something similar to that when i was in my senior year of HS (also my 3rd year toking) But i told myself i wasnt going to let it hold me back, and it didnt.
  3. When I smoke a lot for awhile I have issues with memory. Thats the big thing for me. Also I have no sense of time, I couldn't tell you if it was two days ago that I went and played baseball with timmy or if it way 4 days ago or yesterday, ect.

  4. Having a good memory through use of memory training games even if you dont smoke weed is always a good idea. Memory is one of the easy things to lose, why remember shit, my phone/computer/something else i have has it stored for me. When i was in HS and i was always high i would sit (i took half a day at a vocational school studying networking and computer hardware) when i finished my work and just play online memory games lol. Ive never really had STM issues while high or anything.....

  5. I'm that way. I'm constantly saying "Oh yeah back when we roasted that 2g blunt?" and it was like last night when we smoked it.
  6. Well I have always had bad memory. Ever before i started smoking there were a ton of memories that i forget. Such as of my childhood, I can't recall most of it say from the age of 3-7. Pretty much nothing. Same with 10-12, It is just blotches of memory here and there. I have no idea why, anyone else like this? Even before they started smoking, they had memory issues?
  7. Yea i started to lose my sense of time. Yesterday felt the same as a month ago. There was really just past and the present. On a pretty decent t-break atm and the memory is coming back, being an everyday smoker just isn't for everyone. (unless it's summer time):smoke:
  8. Brain Games & Brain Training - Lumosity

    I have terrible problems with memory, but these memory games can really help sharpen things up again. I was feeling really out of it a few months back and then I started doing a bunch of memory games on that site (with free accounts) and I honestly feel like they help. The bird watching game makes you rape at COD lol.
  9. Yeah i started noticing this also. Idk but this is me, i have a friend that i have known for a while and i know his parents too they are cool as shit but i used to talk to them alot more than i do now. Ill walk in say hi and go upstairs but i used to be very friendly laugh alot more and i think smoking is just making me more dull. But its not holding me back at all! haha and i forget small things
  10. Thanks for the posts everyone. Makes me feel better knowing I'm not the only space cadet. Haha

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