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Long term usage

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by smoke4life, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. Been a while since I've posted here, what up peoples!
    A brief history: I've been smoking since i was about 15 (22 now), soon becoming a regular everyday toker. However, in mid 2012 I gradually reduced usage and stopped all together, due to a physical health problem (as well as some secondary mental stress due to that problem) I was very preoccupied wth its effects on the immune system. I had tried to start up every once and a while, but found I just got waaaay too wrecked from barely anything. haha. Sometimes it brought on anxiety.
    Fast forward 2.5 years later, and I've found myself starting up again 3 days ago. I'm finding that in the right amount, it really improves my quality of life. My stress levels greatly reduce, I'm a lot happier, I'm motivated to do stuff, and I tend not to worry so much about my health (in a good way)
    I'm thinking MAYBE it'd be of benefit to start up again for the long term. However, I know for me personally, everyday use has a lot of downsides IE loss of effect, hard to stop, mild withdrawal symptoms when i do etc
    I just want everyones personal opinions on this matter: What is your view on long term self medication?

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    Been smoking the same time frame as you, I've found after daily use for the past 2 and half months I've found no real difference besides loss of appetite if I don't get baked. Some memory loss and short temper when I spill my weed etc ( prob any stoner would) that's just me though. I'd start back slowly and if it feels right than stick to it , cheers

    -Appreciate what you got cause one day it can all be gone-
  3. You might want to consider edibles.  There are plenty of recipes, including those for making capsules.  You could experiment and control your dose.  You might also (if in a medical state, or growing) to try a high CBN strain.  The CBN is less psychoactive and used by lots of people for anxiety and health purposes..  Do so more research along these lines.    Good luck, my friend.  I hope you find something that works.
  4. Did you mean you don't notice a benefit from smoking anymore? Or just that you don't experience many adverse effects when you don't smoke?

    Funny you mentioned the capsules, I was literally just looking into that! When I was younger we used to make tea, but it was disgusting lol I'm considering buying another volcano as well, I broke mine several years ago

    Thanks guys
  5. I don't notice many adverse effects

    -Appreciate what you got cause one day it can all be gone-

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