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Long term usage and anxiety?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CherCherried, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. Hey all, I am a pretty daily user, 99% of the time through vapes. Recently I've been getting extreme anxiety, and some have suggested I lay off weed for a while. Would anyone say that it'll help?
    Some background story: this year was a particularly hard one for me in general because S.O. has developed cancer. I found out in the middle of the semester and that sprung me into a pool of depression. I was still able to get most of my work done and pass my classes. Now things are much better because S.O. is now healthy, but I still feel that lingering depression. School has started up again recently and S.O broke up with me, which only triggered a lot more anxiety (now we're back together, but still feeling a lot of anxiety). With all the emotional strain I wasn't able to finish an assignment which triggered my anxiety even more, to the point I had multiple mini panic attacks in my head.
    So during all this, I didn't exactly increase my usage of marijuana. I've used it to escape the anxiety a few times and to fall asleep more easily. So my question is, would anyone say that my long term usage has increased the level of anxiety I feel? I never had a bad trip from weed, nor do I ever get paranoia. I'm just wondering if cutting off the herb will help lessen the anxiety I have now.
    Thanks for reading.

  2. well, can tell you right away that weed is not your problem...
    you have suffered a trauma, a severe emotional trauma and it eats away at your subconscious and you developed anxiety issues...i.e..ptsd. (may be mild compared to some ptsd cases, but it sure sounds like you got it.)

    I recommend a dr (a shrink, talk to one about the trauma, it helps)


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