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  1. can someone reccomend some guidelines for storing freshly harvested for 12 months or more? tried the freezer, kept in hard plastic tupware, but noticed significant decline in strength within 2 months.
    (it is possible yield wasn't dried out enough.)
    would the refrig be better?
    end result is a vaporizer.
  2. Canning jars, Mason, Ball, whatever. Fill them loosely and then screw the lid on tight. Put them back in the box/crate and put them in the dark.

    12 packs of pints are $12 I think and you can get quart size also. I replace the lids after lots of openings to make sure to keep an air tight seal. Any grocery style store has a canning section.
  3. Like Calehedron said, glass jars.

    Since plastics are made of petroleum byproducts (oil), the THC in the pot can react with the plastic, lowering the quality of the reefer. Glass is made of silicone dioxide and will not react with THC. :smoke:
  4. I wanna find big ass pickle like jars with bigger top base, hate not being able to get the kief and shit out of the jar ,drug abuse :p!
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  6. ^^^ take jars, which are cheap to begin with, that are coated with kief, and break them in a bag into larger pieces, then carefully remove the kief..... and any kief that falls out is in the bag.... yea its dangerous, but... sharp objects, only hurt you, when your being dumb, if you are aware of them being there hahahaha OR just qwiso the jar real quick.....

  7. You, Sir, are hardcore if you will go to that extreme to scrape a jar. I am not worthy.
  8. hahaha, ^^^^ ive never done that with a huge jar..... ive defs broken open the small spice jars i used to keep bud in when they got too kiefy to deal with... but they break nice and easy down the glass seam with a light hammer/nail tap

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