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  1. I am very vexed right now. This is a question for people who've been in a long term relationship im in a 5 year one and the sex has dropped down. Is it normal i mean i really want to have sex but shes like meh. She has a kid and such which isn't mind which in its self is hard but i mean i don't want it every night at least one a week would be nice. Anyone have any advice i love her soo much but i am a man and i need at least some sex i thought having a girlfriend was sopose to be easier to get laid. I only 26 and shes 30 so we aren't oldies.
  2. Wish I could help. All I can say is, this is kinda normal.

    Try talking to her about it, but be very very careful not to pout or show anger or blah blah blah when she turns you down. That just turns chicks off even more. Tell her you want to work on the sex life, but you don't want to be pushy and ask what she thinks would help satisfy both of you.
  3. Man after my GF (21) had our child (5 Months) I'm (23) and am seriously thinking about cheating. My GF is all healed up but just never wants it, and when she gives it up it's not really that great... I only get it once in a blue moon.
  4. Yah dude i feel you its like i want to have sex with you i want only you but you don't give me any sex so i need it from somewhere! Esp when women always be giving you the look. It seems once they pop out chicks they don't want to have sex anymore. My buddy whom is getting married is the biggest dog in the world and he says "You can't have sex and a wife" and im starting to think hes right.
  5. I've been with my gf for about 5 1/2 years and have a child with her.

    We have sex atleast once a day, Nothings changed. Im 28 she's 29

    But i think its a relatively normal thing, all depends on the type of woman involved.

    Just tell her you need your sex lol.
  6. Don't do it. You'll regret it. You'll lose your wife and your baby. Just masturbate while you work on your relationship with her.
  7. you got scammed ;):smoke:
  8. Just about every couple goes through dry spells. Try to figure out why she's not into it. It could be something as simple as she doesn't feel attractive. If you make a girl feel sexy you will get laid.

  9. That sounds hard. It's easier just to cheat. *sarcasm*
  10. My gf and I are both 23, the last couple of months our sex went from almost every day to like once a week...but it's picking up again, we got busy moving into a new place, both getting new jobs, doesn't the man know being busy like this is keepin' me from having alone time with my woman, good luck op :bongin:
  11. Money is also a big factor I think. It's crazy but as soon as I got a large lump sum, my girlfriend gave me some OK sex without me even having to ask. When I had no money, she always refused.

  12. I guess you guys don't get it... a fucking baby came out of her vagina. The actual act of having the kid is kind of traumatizing. It hurts. A lot. I was scared to put anything up there for months because I was scared it would hurt too much... granted I did let him get anal.

    But I really didn't want to have sex with him for a while there. I stopped letting him do anal. I would just suck his dick and let him titty fuck me. He could tell I wasn't into it though. This was about 2 months after giving birth.. when it got to like 3 months I got super horny. We'd fuck whenever I stayed at his place, Id even wake him by giving him a bj while I played with myself.

    When 4 months came around things changed. He was always mad at me for some reason. He'd take his work frustrations out on me. He'd be mean AND he wasn't really taking care of himself... his breath always smelled, he wasn't taking showers all the time, he always looked sweaty. We were arguing a lot and around this time I just stopped doing sexual things all together. He had already been cheating on me (I didn't know at the time), but he was doing it then too. He got an infection and I knew I wasn't the cause since we weren't having sex. Women can get weird after giving birth, you just need to talk things out. That's the only way to save the relationship.

    Op, talk to her. But find a nice way to put it ya know? Definately don't act frustrated or like you need it, that DOES turn us off and make us not want to have sex. Maybe tell her you have a special evening planned for her... then get the supplies: rope, a blindfold, massage oils and lube. First give her a massage, warming her up for what's coming next. Then tie her up, blindfold her and do as you wish. Make sure you tease her a lot. Make her want you. I don't know how long you usually last, but you might want to beat your meat a bit beforehand so you can last. Make her cum multiple times. That should get your sex life back on track...
  13. Thanks for the advice ill try that out yah i forgot you always have to be romaced. Yah i need to beat off i think so i can last longer we don't have so much sex where i can last forever unless i m high then even so. She always likes getting frisky on date nights so i think dinner and such is in order.

  14. There you go man. You got this, just romance her. Make her feel good.
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    ^this exactly!

    men are turned on so easily, woman however need some help to get into the mood if they arent already.

    1) send the kid(s) away to grandpas or someone you trust
    2) prepare a meal she really enjoys
    3) get some good quality wine
    4) get some good scented candles
    5) let all that pent up sexual energy out on her and remind her that she is still your lady by day and your freak by night. :devious:

    romancing is so easy and fun once you get yourself in that mindset, its all about the things you do for her.
  16. iweartshirts and I have awsome ideas! I think if you do this she'll be asking you for sex. I know I would if I had a guy do this for me
  17. [​IMG]
  18. im in a 7 year ralationship

    the sex is amazing, quite possibly one of the main reasons were still together, we have a very rocky, on & off relationship. so i dont know if i really have a place telling you how to fix youre relationship, i would say just try to spice things up a bit, she probably bored of having the same type of sex for years, so give her something different

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