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Long term effects to bipolar/adhd depression anxiety

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mclover, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. Does anyone with these problems feel that smoking long term causes them depression and anxiety? I have been smoking about 16 years, all day everyday. I am starting to realize that its made my anxiety worse, and its stopped making me feel my natural feel good "dopamine". I dont feel the natural high anymore, to be happy I must smoke continuously. Anyone feel the same?

  2. Why would you expect your anxiety to get better, pot related or not, if your not actively managing it in the first place?

    Happiness is not a chemical in your brain, it is a choice. Typically, people with anxiety become more happy when they have less anxiety; this is just logic.
  3. I had social anxiety, still do at times and I smoke tons of weed and it only went away when I felt 100% confident of myself. There's still times where I don't even want to go to the movies even though it's for a date( I still end up going because come on who's gonna miss a date with a girl ;). ) honestly when I take caffeine the whole day I feel scared and worried but that's just me. Weed hasn't affected my anxiety at all.

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  4. There is a chemical called dopamine in your brain that makes you happy. I am trying to manage it, it gets worse after I smoke.

    Same. I dont go anywhere anymore.

  5. come
    On bro you should go out. I got out but sometimes I feel forced by my own self but because I don't want to be anti social. Sometimes it's good to be by yourself I love being alone unless I'm close friends or my special Women.

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    I try man its really bad. When I take anti depression meds, I turn into non shy hulk hogan. I know its the weed. I use alcohol to make my anxiety when I go places, I drink first. I dont go get hair cuts anymore, dont go to the doctors, try to avoid eye contact and all that. When I started smoking, the word was "weed isn't addicting, its a habit". Now I am dependent on it. I never thought I would quit, now my life depends on quitting. I'm not myself anymore, I dont remember when the last time I slept all through the night. I am going to try and quit.

  7. But again, being happy has nothing to do with a chemical in your brain. Being happy affects every choice you make in your life. People who are unhappy make bad choices. They choose to make bad choices. From the sounds of your posts so far, you seem to be conflicted between smoking and not smoking. You seem to think that this dopamine is something you need to make good choices, or be happy, which is not true.

    Being happy is all about choices and for you, maybe that is going to start with not smoking pot. Maybe you allow yourself to see the power of choice over a chemical in your brain.

    Either way, every person i know who has "Bad" anxiety gets even worse anxiety from smoking up, myself included. At some point, the smoking has to be scaled back to allow that person to make good choices and through those good choices, they become happy. Bad choices are easy to make are are generally a hard habit to break.

    I also agree with what Alex said, allowing yourself to be isolated and high all the time is going to create a massive amount of anxiety for you when you want to get back into the swing of things, but do not be afraid to go outside your comfort zone. Take a deep breath and tackle your life, don't be shackled by your anxiety.

  8. I have all of those things, weed is the only thing that gets rid of them all, for me. If you have these problems initially, weed is just going to amplify those nasty feelings which will make you more anxious, so you smoke some more then feel worse...It's a cycle, you've got to see it and try to tame it, you don't necessarily need to quit smoking unless that's something you really want to do. I suggest psychiatric treatment, maybe even a therapist. Do some research online if you can't do that and you can make changes in other parts of your life as needed. Good luck!
  9. I've had social anxiety since i was 6 or 7. It seems like the cannabis has certainly made it worse. I rarely ever speak to other human beings and I try not to leave the house, but listening to music with cannabis has definitely kicked ass the entire way through. So I choose to still smoke it, but yea I really feel what your saying man
  10. There is a logical reason for social anxiety while high. Because you have to relearn how to deal with people while high and not everyone can do that. I know I can't and I have run meetings, spoken publicly in front of hundreds of people many times yet I can't deal with people other than my protected circle while high.

    As for the OP you have been given good advice. Get control of your anxiety or it will continue to run your life. Meds are suppose to help but are not suppose to be a cure all. For some it's all they need due to a chemical imbalance but for most it requires you to find out the solution. My wife does therapy and it helps her a great deal for others it's a complete waste of time. That's what I mean is you have to find the solution yourself. No two solutions fits everyone. My wife smokes and it helps her deal with shit. Without it she is fine, but with it she's better. For her weed and a little therapy works. For a lot of people with minor issues they get along fine with a little pot, but otherwise she is still functional SOBER. If you have to be blitzed to be "OK" then expect to have issues around other people. They are all buzz kills and will make you feel like shit when dealing with them. You are also checking out of life if you have to be out of it to survive. Something is not right there and you need to deal with the underlying issue before you can get better. Don't act like pot is the magic pill that makes every aspect of life better because as you have already figured out you will be sorely disappointed.

    Pot can absolutely be part of the solution but for anything serious you have to actively work to make things better. I have crept back from the brink of losing it to major depression, you have to sometimes fix shit yourself and not count on magic pills or weed to make everything ok.

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