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long term effects of weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KingStun10, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. I just wondering if there are any long term side effects of smoking pot? I looked up on google "long term effects of smoking pot" and got 0 results which is astonishing because theres not even propaganda that is out there it seems. The only thing that i am wondering is if it slows down your reaction time? This is information from my dad who doesn't really know that much about the drug but says that he say this on dr. phil(lol) and has noticed it first hand with some of his friends in the past.
  2. Eventually it just wears you down, and you become zombie like. Dull and slow, like a rusty looking glass... It's not nice. It's like constantly being groggy and faded. However after abstinence, you slowly go back to normal. (It might take weeks though)
  3. Thanks a lot for the reply i appreciate it, how long do u think it would take at which rate of smoking to become as u put it "zombie like"? I know it would be different for everyone like everything else is but please give a general idea?
  4. lol it deff doesnt turn you into a zombie.. the only side effect i have is wanting more and ive been smoking everyday for about 4 years.. i mean if ur really fuckin stoned you can turn into kinda a zombie but thats only for the duration that ur fucked up
  5. Well once you start smoking up every couple hours, and worrying when your stash is getting a little low you might be approaching that point... Maybe 2-3+ grams a day after a few weeks. Basically if you're always stoned, it starts to feel weird being sober.
  6. ahh i see, good to know that there are no really long term effects
  7. I'm only talking like, if you're doing way more than you should be. If you exercise moderation, you'll only have good times with mary jane :smoke:
  8. I haven't found any long term effects. My reaction time is pretty much the same. Of course not when im stoned, but after the effects wear off im normal. But i suppose everyone is different lol.
  9. my aunt and her husband dont smoke much anymore, they vape cause after smoking anything for 25 years your body cant handle it as well. Of coures my aunt smokes cigeretts too and it might just be an age thing. Other than that you will crave it just like anything else in the world that provides you with joy.

  10. Yeah that's how I feel now. So should I probably take a break? :confused:
  11. The long term effects are you become president. Look at Obama, Bush, and Clinton. Now go get high
  12. [quote name='"AdamArmy"']The long term effects are you become president. Look at Obama, Bush, and Clinton. Now go get high[/quote]

    Haha that made me laugh
  13. long term effects of smoking weed may result in a more optimistic view of life, more open-minded way of thinking, less stress per day, and an overall happier person.

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