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Long-term Bud Smoking Hurt Lungs?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Ikifar, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. If I was to smoke for 3 years like 2-3 times a week and being an athlete would I find my performance to be decreasing? Anyone here know about this that doesn't smoke tobacco? It's a question.
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    I played high school and college football. If you're already training and continue to train I wouldn't worry about it. I smoked down with the guys after every game.

    If you're starting a new sport I'd imagine you might have a harder time than somebody who didn't smoke period. You won't have it nearly as rough as the cig smokers if you're talking literally 2-3 times a week.
  3. but it will affect me to some degree? I run track and so running is a primary activity. I'd want to know if doing it that much would noticably cause a decrease in my performance.
  4. It may hurt slightly. However, I am doctor, so I do not know.

    I know that cannabis is a bronchial dilator, so it shouldn't restrict airflow too much.

    I was a little concerned about that same thing, being an avid backpacker and needing all the lungs I can get in high elevations. I chose to get a vape, which has been one of the best marijuana-related decisions I have made.
  5. It shouldn't. Your best bet is to vape as suggested above. Smoke out of glass if you have to smoke. Don't smoke crap. Keep your piece clean, etc. all the usual bs.

    We smoked blunts after awesome games. I've smoked since before I started playing so I can't offer a before and after comparison for you, but I performed better than others who didn't smoke at all.

    I'll say yeah it probably effected my performance to a degree, but not as much as smoking cigarettes would have. I watched one of our wide receivers in high school start smoking cigs and his game went down the gutter with the quickness.
  6. I don't have any interest in a vaporizer. I don't smoke just to get high, it's an experience to enjoy. I'll stick with what I'm doing.
  7. ha yeah im in the same boat. i run cross and the long distances in track and smoke only about 1-3 times on weekens. i don't think its too bad. ive been doing well in my training and everything. i think if you just are smart about it and don't go over board and/or smoke cig's you're golden. also, i don't know if it makes too much difference but if i can i use a bong just to make me feel like im doing myself a favor in my running. but yeah... enjoy!
  8. word, i'm with ya on that one. good luck with training bro

  9. Have you ever tried one?
  10. eyah vaps are bomb but idgaf i smoke american spirits anyway

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