Long Term Brain Damage?

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  1. I just broke up with my boyfriend who's been smoking weed and hash heavily for 18 years with 5 years of heavy acid, ecstasy and coke use mixed in. I'm a weed aficienado myself in moderation, but I didn't find out about his history until he kept trying to cover it up and I noticed discrepancies. He says he's been off everything for 2 years now.

    I was wondering if anyone knows what the long term effects are of drug use like that. He seems completely unable to deal with reality, and will say things like, "I can't be in a relationship" and when I respond he'll turn around and swear, "I didn't say that!" Sometimes his eyes are like someone who's there but not there if it makes any sense. His memory seems to have lots of holes as well, and he would have strange emotional responses, from a complete lack of response when there should have been one, to an irrational overwhelming one to simple discussions.

    Anyway, I'm done with the relationship but wonder if anyone can shed insight on how much of it could have been long term drugs.
  2. heavy Cocaine LSD and MDMA use are known to cause brain damage, i believe the term is ulneys lesions for the ecstasy. smoking weed, probably not.

  3. LSD dosnt cause brain damage,get your facts right bro.
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    Well, the guy used to be tops in school and now his spelling's terrible and his handwriting is hard to read in that some letters look like symbols rather than letters and you have to guess from context what the word is.
  5. LSD doesn't cause brain damage, but can definitely alter thinking patterns (not nessecarilly negative).

    MDMA has been shown evidence of beinge neurotoxic on lab animals (hasn't been studied in humans), but it doesn't seem to be permanant and possibly can be reversed with time.

    Coke can fuck up his dopamine receptors which can cause him to feel depressed (possibly furthering his need of psychoactives), exhausted and just missing something generally.

    Drugs effect people differently, so there is not really any correct answer here.
  6. LSD does not cause brain damage per se. it is said fairly heavy acid use will kinda put you "out there". ecstasy makes you e-tarded after prolonged use but i'm not sure if the e-tardness stays after you stop ecstasy because i'm fairly sure it doesn't alter your grey matter. cocaine is always very sketch so i'm not sure lol
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    Yo you guys go ahead and do acid for 5 10 or 20 years then come back to this thread and try to tell me that acid use doesnt cause brain damage. To be honest it may take you a good 15 minutes just get your internet browser up, probably another 15 to simply concentrate enough to type in a simple web site address, then at this point you will probably stare out into space for a good 5 minutes then snap back to reality and begin your long hard search for the forum link. After 10 minutes of searching and getting side tracked you eventually find the link, and click it. 2 hours later you got yourself a reply with no grammer and 2 run on sentences. Shit. :p

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