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Long Term Affects

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by whatanoob, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. I've been a heavy recreational user for several years now smoking several times a week and the question always hits me, does Marijuana reduce your IQ. I know alchohol can damage a teens brain so what about mj?
  2. YES QUIT WHILE YOU CAN! It will lower your IQ A LOT. Give me all your weed so you can keep your IQ. I will take it off of your hands.
  3. Well, over 7 years of daily smoking lung function actually increases, but only by about 1.8%. The thing is, that after those 7 years it starts to decrease, but based on how much it increased I doubt the decrease is very significant. Also, a few functions are slowed by 20% while smoking daily but that can be reversed simply by not smoking, they will return right back to normal. The only real long term affects are probably associated with lungs and relatively insignificant. I did a bunch of research to convince my mom to let me smoke a while back and found zero link with reduced IQ or general smartness. Most of the negatives of marijuana are either easily reversible, or only affect people with some sort of illness, primary mental.
  4. ^ lol
  5. Yeah on a serious note, there is no long term effects of cannabis if used in a safe way. Yes smoke is detrimental to your health, even cannabis smoke. If you use a vaporizer or edibles the effects are 100% reversible by not smoking for a month.
  6. I appreciate the posts guys I was just apprehensive about continuing toking and potentially fucking up my life, but now that it sounds healthy....

    Toke on :smoking:

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