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  1. ever since I was young (middle school) I've had a REAL thing with this one girl and we really had a thing going but a while after that (sophomore year) we ended up ceasing to speak for like a year (just because I was a coward) and just last week on my birthday I saw her at her job at subway and idk I just felt like when I saw her we still had the connection we always did, like I noticed that she had been acting like a nervous girl in front her crush while she was making my sandwich lol

    But basically I wanted to know of some good ways I could show her I'm more confident and mature to be with her. I was wondering if It would be a good idea to walk over to her house (she lives in the neighborhood across from mine) and give her what would be our first kiss (and actually my first kiss, not hers)? Or would that just be too straight forward?

    Please help
    - stoner in need of assistance

  2. Walk up to her........and tell her how you feel.

  3. your first kiss how old are you? and go hit her up man idk about going right into the kiss but test the water
  4. Why don't you see if she wants to hangout first before you humiliate yourself? Don't go in for a kiss after you haven't seen her for a year lol
  5. Use the 'mysterious question guy' technique.
    Then head back to subway.

    Her: what bread would you like?
    You: whatever bread you like?

    Her: what filling would you like?
    You: how would you like a filling?

    Her: any salad?
    You: you tell me.

    Her: sauce?
    You: ill give you some 'sauce' if you want?
  6. Nah, don't be a creeper. Your best bet is to run into her again, and tell her you want to hang out. Then when you chill with her (outside of job), put your hand around her and have alpha male body language. Don't tell her you like her and don't tell her you never kissed a girl.

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