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    ...I had to slap a bitch :).

    Anyone else ever do the same?

    EDIT: Ok some people wanted me to share a bit more, so now I will type it out. I was smoking a blunt with my friends in my friends new car. We got out to get munchies at a gas station and there was this really preppy girl that I had sex with one night when I was drunk(I think she might have been a virgin, BTw she was drunk too). When she sees me she runs up and tells me to get in her car and we have to talk, I kept walking into the store and ignored her.

    I thought that she would be done with it but OH NO when I left the store she grabs me by the arm. I insantly smacked her. :)

  2. Brool Story Co.

  3. care to elaborate? if not this is a pointless thread sir

  4. [​IMG]
  5. More intense story updated.
  6. ............................................

    Since I can't say anything else.
  7. Sounds to me like you're a dick. She grabs your arm and you slap her?

    What a badass.
  8. gotta keep ya pimp hand strong, pimpin

    (i smell the neg rep coming already but i just had to say it)
  9. it's coo man

  10. nah i hear u
  11. no one say nething. theres a girl on this thread
  12. You spelled 'retarded' wrong in your sig, fix it..
  13. what if she was tryin to tell u she was pregnant?

  14. well, in that case, it woulda been cool

    dude, you slapped a girl.. get over it. slapping should be for bitches only
  15. Fuck you fool you're a bitch
  16. I foresee a ban in you future.
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  17. Prophet win.
  18. There is no excuse for hitting a girls EVER! even if a girl was coming at me with a knife I would just simply restrain her. I bet it made you feel like a man right >_>

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