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  1. So I've been hitchhiking around the states for a while now and recently this past fall and winter I was hanging out in Arcata living up in the redwoods with the hippies. When it came upon Christmas time, about a week before, my 6 month old puppy was stolen from me. I got this dog when he was about 6 weeks old and took him out on the road the day I got him. Purebred, rednose pitbull (pictures when I buy a camera). He was my constant companion for a crazy journey and he was gone.

    So that sets the stage for this. Standing outside of Safeway, across from the police station on Christmas eve flying a sign "Will Work/Need Food". A woman walks up to me and asks me my story, I tell her I'm 19, homeless, no money or job and my dog was just stolen. She goes and buys beer and we sit in her car and drink a few and smoke a couple of bowls. Then offers me a place to stay for the night.

    To make a long story short, I ended up getting my dog back (he ran away from the guy who stole him and we found him at the pound), a fulltime job where I can bring my dog to work and smoke, and a warm, dry place to stay.
  2. sounds like an interesting story, i cant believe someone stole your dog, how heartless could people be but im glad you got your dog back!
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    Yeah, can't believe someone would steal such an ugly dog. Glad to see that the hippies have an internet connection up in the woods aswell.

    jks though man, cool that things are goin' well.

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