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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sidious, Jun 2, 2002.

  1. i noticed that my new plant was getting quite long....so i buried it down to about half an inch above the surface...was this the right thing to do...i read it was the best solution as it was getting too long and bending over....it's in a 5"pot and is under approx 70 watts of flouros and is geeting fert from a couple of small baby bio grow sticks...the lights are about 3" from the plant at the mo as i'm still working on a proper grow room.....any help would be appreciated....peace out sid
  2. That'll work...also an oscilating fan will strengthen the stem. What I usually do for leggy seedlings is cut a straw down the middle and put it around the stem, either that or prop a toothpick up against it for support. If those don't work there's always euthanasia.
  3. my plants feel over after they got about 3" tall how do i stop them from falling like that without using some thing to support them
  4. What kind of lighting are you using? Plants usually stretch upward because of low-intensity lighting.
  5. o.k. so far so good...i've took some good advice and re-buried my plant...i got a ph tester and everything is good...i think...ph is about 5.5 temp is about 28-29 degrees celcius i have fert and an air supply, the plant is now 2" above the soil with 4 leaves and sprouting another 2, however i noticed that you said that leggy stems can be down to insufficiant lighting....i am working on getting a 400w metal halide however i think that the timescale may be wrong...it may take me about a week to 2 weeks to get the light and get it up and running....is there anything i can do to help with the groth of my plant till them....only a short term fix???............peace out....Sid
  6. i fixed the light now there not falling over thanks for the advice.

  7. haha.. thats pretty funny man

    n-e-ways I would suggest getting a HPS rather than an MH. Even though they say mh is better for veg, from everything I'v read in the forums here, overgrow and cannabisworld(and from personal experience) there's really no/little difference in the veg stage. Plus you get more lumens for 400w HPS vs MH (MH is something like 32k, and HPS is 52k). Don't worry about PH in soil, thats the beauty of soil, it works as a buffer (unless you start pissin on em)

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