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  1. I have a plant about 4 weeks old. It has not had adequate sunlight as it has been in the bushes in the shade. its about 4 inches tall, with only 2 small leaves on it. It looks like it did when it sprouted, just alot taller. I have moved it into a spot with good sunlight.Its in a 10 inch terra cotta(?) pot. Is this too small for one plant. I currently have 2 growing in the same pot, i will transfer one to the ground in a week. They are in the woods. I just need some help on how to take care of them. Do I need to use any kind of fertilizer? Its in regular potting dirt that was a year old. Any help appreciated. Sorry for the hard to read post.
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    you should bury the stem in the ground so it become a root when you transplant it. think about using nutrients soon but it seems like its small to me so i wouldnt want to burn it. putting two plants in one pot isn't a very good technique and they really should have their own pot. the pots should have something like perlite or vermiculite mixed in with the soil.

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