long night in a field

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Duffey, Jun 25, 2004.

  1. Yea, me and some friends all decided to just go buy a half of mids last night, and chill in some huge field with a corn field right beside it .... it was fun, nice, relaxing to lay in the field with 4 4gram joints and a bong filled with sprite, i smoked one of the j's to the head, and kept getting passed the others, then we smoke a few regular joints before it, the sprite bong water didnt taste that bad either lol. It was a dare to drink it, so all 4 of us stoners decided to...

    Anyways, heres a roach... pretty big and heavy!

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  2. pic of a roach?
  3. heh, yea, cause I found it in my pocket from the long night, and then went to summer school at 7 in the morning, so, it was like "wow, this is a big roach i found in my pocket!" ... yea, and to amazement, it actually broke out to a blunt what was in that roach... i was so surprised, time to pack bowl.

  4. you drank bong water.....you must have been really messed up from that night....
  5. 4 gram bone to your head is pretty nuts..

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