Long lost Dad... HE TOKES!!

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  1. SO I never met my biological father until like... Last January.

    Well turns out he is a major toker! He has been smoking since he was my age. The man rolls blunts quicker than anyone I've seen and manages to get weed that is harsh as hell, but gets you riiiipppeeddd. I love when he just randomly pulls out a blunt or an o if some beautiful nug!

    The man is amazing! LOooveee him!!

    Who else tokes with their parent(s)?
  2. That's awesome. Sounds like he's real cool.
  3. thats cool
    i dont toke with my pops but he knows i smoke. He's bought me bud and asked me to get him some
  4. Hhaha, that's badass man. I wish even one of my immediate family members smoked. I recently found out my cousins toke though, and that has been awesome! I can't imagine what it'd be like to learn that your dad smokes haha.

    peace :smoking:
  5. sorry to be the odd one out, but where was he the first 18+ years? hopefully there were some extenuating circumstances
  6. thats awesome for you man.

    hope everything is going well for you since you met him!
  7. That's tight man, you must have been like NO FUCKING WAY when you found out he smokes.

    I know a guy that isn't my dad, but I consider him to be like my godfather or something, and he smokes haha, he's 43. I've never smoked with him before, but we help each other out if one of us doesn't have any pot, it's pretty awesome. He's the coolest middle aged guy I know.
  8. There was a reason that I never met him until I was 19.

    Its a good reason but not something that needs to be posted on the net. Its personal and a very long and confusing story.

    But in the end, it don't matter cause I love the man.
  9. Hell yeah you're dad is awesome. Nothing beats when he rolled that joint with us chillin in the garage. One minute we were like "we should smoke" next minute your dads got a fat ass j rolled up already lit. Welcome to grasscity SSS!!! - Bethay
  10. Wow its sounds great.Awesome story seems to be real.I enjoyed it.Thanks for sharing.
  11. Happy happy! I'm sure you both have lots of great times ahead!

    I'm one of those that smoke with my kids. All over 18!

    Fun times.


  12. wait...he bought you some and then asked you to get him some? Why would he do that if...you know!?

  13. and no I dont smoke with my parents but Ive smoked with friend's parents
  14. Maybe his dealer was dry? :confused:

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