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  1. So everywhere i read it says acid only takes like 1 hour to kick in but lasts like 8 hours. But over my spring break me and 3 friends all dropped acid and it took 4 hours to kick in but lasted 18 hours.

    Needless to say it was amazing and I hope I can find more like it but I was just wondering how can there be different types like that I thought there was only 1 type of acid
  2. that wasnt acid... it was probably bromo-dragonfly since it took so long to come on and lasted 18 hours. your actually lucky it didnt last 3 days.
  3. where can i find info on bromo-dragonfly then cause it felt like what i imagined an acid trip to feel like.

    is there info on erowid about it?
  4. its on erowid under research chemicals
  5. thats what happened to this kid that bought AMT off me too, he called me after an hour feelin nothin, then every half hour after that sayin he wanted his money back n i jus kept tellin him to wait and then on like the 5th call he was like "dude i'm trippin balls sorry i thought u ripped me off"

    took him 4 hours to trip n he was trippin for like 16
  6. well to me it just sounds like dragonfly because of the onset
  7. *warning double post*

    but id also like to hear if you would think it has as much chance being dragonfly as acid or whatever you think
  8. yup i read one report and i was DEFINITELY on bromo-dragonfly

    that guy had the exact same expierences I did.

    When a bird would fly by it would turn into like 30 birds all flying in different directions and once a plane flew over and me and all my friends who were on this too we ALL saw it burst into flames and could hear it burning and we saw it go down in smoke and crash like 3 miles past and then 2 rescue planes came after it like 30 min later. We had no clue if it was real or not (doubt it cause i didnt hear shit about a plane crash) but it was the trippiest thing because we ALL saw it

    and music would give me emotion
    we were listening to infected mushrooms on a surround sound system inside his house and I felt the beat in my heart as if it were my heart beat and I felt the other part in my arms and legs and it just felt like I could dance perfectly to the music

    we danced with a blacklight and different things for about 5 hours
    it was so amazing because of the trails and the music making you feel emotion

    like the song would end and id be SO tired and burnt out so id go lay down and be like "alright no more dancing" but as soon as the next song came on i was totally rejuvinated i had all my energy back and just got up and danced

    Here is an example of how insane the trails on this drug were, we took a cigarette outside in the dark and we could write our name with the end of it and you could actually see your name floating there for about 5 seconds before fading off

    Then lastly we watched the sunrise, we just sat and stared at the sun for about 30 minutes. This is the exact feeling we felt its hard to explain but Ill try

    we felt like we were in a 20 ounce soda bottle and the sun was the cap to it and when we looked at it it would start to unscrew and let tyedye colors all over the sky

    If I could paint, I would paint what I saw and almost guarenteed it would be a masterpiece it was sooooo beautiful

    but in the end i think B-D fucked with my brain because now even when im sober i can see minor trails when i wave my hand back and forth and i can now look at the sun without it hurting.

    This is a very cool drug and hopefully there will be more research on it, I hope its not too horrible for my brain
  9. Dude, don't do that!! Just because it doesn't hurt doesn't mean it's okay to do. NEVER look into the sun for anything longer than half a second. You can blind yourself that way! :eek:

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