Long Island

Discussion in 'General' started by LSaintP, Feb 9, 2016.

  1. Anyone here from Long Island?

    Grew up in nassau. Left for a few years and now back on nassau/suffolk border. Out of the loop for many years. Smoking steadily for 6 mos.

    Love to meet some fellow islanders.
  2. Exit 63
  3. No, there is no one left in Long Island...You are the only one. Long Island was evacuated many, many moons back before "The Raid." Most everyone moved West past the Colorado/Kansas border taking in the vast mountain ranges provided for added protection...And a better element of surprise when they come over them hills there.

    But we are horribly in need of more men to keep up the good fight, a ton of men if possible...Oh, and whisky, a fuckton of whisky.[​IMG]


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