Long hang vs panic dry

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by annoyingmouse, Aug 6, 2019.

  1. my outdoor autos have taken longer to flower. They should be perfect for harvest in a week but I have to go away for 3 weeks in a week.

    I’m going to hang the plants un-trimmed in a sealed room with good ventilation & a carbon filtered outtake fan on a timer. No humidity control. Then trim & jar three weeks later. I think this will be better than harvesting early, doing a complete wet trim & drying quickly on nets (4 days) before jarring & then having to leave jars only partially closed for 3 weeks

    Anyone had same dilemma?
  2. I agree with your choice.
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  3. Cheers!
  4. Do you have a (frost-free) freezer? Dry them until stem snaps, ~4-7 days depenting on conditions. Bud should be crispy outside but little bit wet inside, same as when you start curing in jars. Put trimmed buds in cardboard boxes loosely. In good clean frost-free freezer you don't need lids but if there is any suspection for some water possibly getting into boxes use loose lids so that air can flow and take moisture away. Glass or plastic containers are not so good since condetion water can ruin buds. Put boxes in freezer and after vacation they should be perfectly cured. It might take 24-48 for smell to come back after taking out of freezer. You can check with hydromether if moisture level is good for you and burb in jars if not. Or keep in freezer. For long term preservation use your preferred method.
  5. No humidiy control is a bit risky. What is the RH expectation for the room?
  6. Well after some close inspection with my antiquated jewler’s loup, I think I’m a little early to harvest....as they’re medicinal plants I’m going to leave them for another 3 weeks; better late than early as I want the more sedative qualities. All my seeds germinated this year so I’ve got more crop than I need. When I get back I’m going to harvest the plants in batches; whole plant hung in my drying box & then dry trim. I can afford to f*ck up a plant or two as I’ve got too much.

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