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Discussion in 'General' started by antique stoner, Dec 28, 2003.


Long Hair on Men

  1. Below Collar

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  2. Shoulder Blade

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  3. Mid Back

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  4. Longer (how long?)

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  1. I was wondering if any of you other guys have long hair (below collar or longer)or beards.

    My hair is shoulder blade length and I have a full beard

    Just curious.
  2. My hair doesn't grow down as much as up, it's kind of a white guy fro but not curly, just very stiff and thick

    It has a bit to do with where my name came from
  3. Mine used to be shoulder length, now its like a mick jaggar hair cut lol.
  4. ozzy osbourne kinda length, ROCK AN ROLL!!!!!
  5. i kinda wanna grow my hair long. not sure how long yet though. i'm just gunna let it grow and see how long it gets before i cut it off or decide to keep it.
  6. My hair is down to the belt of my pants. I've thought about cutting it, because it can cause a problem for me in the summer. I have a jeep Wrangler, and when the top is off, it sure tangles up my hair. And sometimes, it just gets in the way. I've had it shut in car doors, been riding in cars, and have it get caught in a window being rolled up. It's been burnt by ciggs, and it's managed to make it into food I've been eating. We have 2 kittens that are fascinated by it, and when they were really small, they'd get tangled up in it. And after my lady and I get done with a whoopie session, you wouldn't believe some of the places where we have found hair. Do any of the other long haired people have any probs like this?
  7. yeah manmine is passed the sholder blades probably have way passed them to my ass...and fucking thick...when the woman braids my hair ....the braid it like rope ...the shit is thick all the way to the bottom...you know how some braides tend to get smaller and smaller twards the bottom....not me same size all the way...

    and yep i get it stuck in car doors and windows...benn keeping it safe from burns fro a cupple yrs now...thank god..

    iv always had long hair...

    ever sence my mom started sending me to get hair cuts alone...when i was 10 ..i stopped going to the barber and started going to the weed spot!
  8. I'm not a fan of long hair on men - I prefer short and spikey, or just long enough to be like floppy n mussy...
  9. i had long hair.. 12/31/03 i cut my hair... now is just short once aging... im gonna let it grow aging tho..latezzzz....

  10. haha thats what i thought but u get used to not hetting it cut but i have to get mine trimmed before my interveiw to look respetable :rolleyes:
  11. Hair is a waste of time. For me, its like this: Never gonna go to a barber shop ever again...havent been for like 4 years now. My hair cycle is basically...shave my head for a while, let it grow for a while, mohawk for awhile, or if I feel like it, a reverse mohawk. Ya thats right, a reverse mohawk...I made it up myself. Its when you shave a big line down the middle of your head and leave the sides, usually spike up the sides just for the hell of it. Its usually just for jokes cuz it makes you look like a fuckin idiot, not recommended for job interviews, believe me. Like Ill have that for just a few days and go out, people look at you toally different haha. Then I just shave my head again... All you need is one of those home shavers and youre set.

  12. Oh shit...if all women feel like you do, I gotta get a haircut after all...

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