long hair or short hair

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long hair or short hair?

  1. guys: i like my chick with short hair

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  2. guys: i like my chick with long hair

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  3. guys: i could give a shit less

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  4. girls: i like my guy with short hair

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  5. girls: i like my guy with long hair

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  6. girls: i could give a shit less

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  7. l love bald heads,:D

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  1. guys: how do you like your women - long hair or short?

    girls: how do you like your guys - long or short hair

    i myself have long straight hair and i notice girls seem to like it :)

    and i prefer it when girls have long hair.
  2. i dun realy care how girls hair size is just as long as there not bold :D
  3. It doesn\'t matter to me at all.
  4. i love men with long hair...and i love men who shave or buzz their heads...and short haired guys are okay if they take some time with their hair...

    and i like my girls with long hair...i like to pull :p

    ..but if she can pull it off...short hair can be right cute...
  5. hey! whats with the biased polls?!
    if a girl can pull off short hair ~ thats sexy.
    but I like the long hair :)

  6. So r u a bisexual?

  7. I think shes just likes a good catfight. some girls can be real bitches. you swing them whores by the hair and theyll think twice before fuckin with you again

  8. LMAO @ sensimil, true enuff dude :D
  9. I dunno..........I guess it varies. I love long hair on a guy (if it\'s kept clean and not all nasty looking). But I also have this fetish for men that don\'t have so much hair. It\'s like a sign of maturity and security.

    As for my ladies.........long or short.......it really doesn\'t matter at all. Ladies look good no matter what!!!!! LOL
  10. I\'m with HB...long hair for everybody! :D

    Although, some guys and girls look better with short hair. I\'m not going to let someones hair style determine how I feel about them, of course, but I prefer long or longer-than-short hair!
  11. haha!!

    l love bald heads, 420 96.11%

    I usedta sport the shinetop and it drove my x nuts, i guess a lotta people gotta thang for it.

    Personally i could give a rat\'s hairy ass when it comes to what i like, just because for me, it\'s not the physical features that matter, it\'s intelligence that does it for me

  12. idk, i keep mine short cause it looks nice and its easy....

    for the ladies..... i like longer hair.....but it doesn\'t matter cause if you like the person...who cares how they keep thier hair.... it\'s just hair.....

    now...due to my friend meghan..... i have this thing for crazy died hair...idk why...just do...
  13. i think this Poll is kinda riged *LOL*
  14. i love men...LOVE them...but every now and then...girls are yummy...:p

  15. Right on girl ;) keep on luvin!!
  16. I like girl\'s hair to be long. I would LOVE to have long hair myself, but I just can\'t be bothered to grow it. It would emphasise onstage headbanging so much! If you\'ve ever seen the video for \'Only For The Weak\' by In Flames you\'ll know what I mean. Just one example, check it out if you can.

  17. yeah man!

    long hair on the ladies preferably... but its really not that important.
  18. short hair on men,less its ponytailed
    mine is kinda on the longesh side....ok, im sittn n it as i type
    but believe me its a pain, an kinda hot n the summer, its mostly ina a momma bun...unless im pos\'n ;)

  19. I picked that I don\'t care. I have fairly long hair and on guys it doesn\'t matter. Long hair on guys is okay but some don\'t look good with it. I like girls with long hair but some look cute with it short. I think it just depends on the individual.
  20. i have short hair... \"cause it\'s easy\" LOL... i like girls with long hair though.

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