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  1. I got two fems on 11wks 12/12--some of the hairs are brown(not even half) from what I can tell none of the gland heads are amber/red. They are still getting new bud growth and are covered w/crystals. I'm using bagseed so I don't know the strain--what the hell?? How much longer do you think I should wait.
    I cut another one I had at 8-9wks and you get a buzz but it disappears quick-- when i break up the buds the flowers are tiny--i think i cut it too soon and I don't want to make the same mistake twice--Is there any way to speed up their development??? HELP!!!!
  2. Hi i saw this on the hydro site i use 'flowering forcing solution'

    Ripen, by General Hydroponics, is a specific tool to speed up the flowering process. Ripen basically slowly stresses the plant thus 'forcing' it to speed it's ripening process in an effort to spread it's genes. This is particularly useful when you have to finish a crop in hurry. E.g. If you have a mite infestation or some other problem. You can use Ripen in either hydroponics & soil and you use it on it's own at the rate of 4-5ml/litre. It is only possible to use Ripen for 2 weeks maximum prior to desired harvesting date. Ripen has also been found to be beneficial in producing additional essential oils in plants

    not sure i would recommend it but it might be worth a try
  3. I figure the plants will be done by at least 14wks(hopefully) so I don't think that solution would work cause I'd have to order it and wait for delivery and such. I'm already at 11wks--this is the last time I use unpredictable bagseed.

  4. I agree, but at least the seed has produced some bud!
    In future buy a quality seed. Or at least get some from a known source.
    good luck
  5. I checked the plants last night under regular light(incand.) and I see that a lot of the hairs are brown and getting withered. I couldn't really see them under the HPS that well. They've gotten another 2" at the top each bud fattening up since last week. I've read about the "bloom" and I'm not sure if it has ended or not. I got a sherlock holmes type magnifying glass(used for reading) and the gland heads are white/clear and standing tall. A lot of the fan leaves have yellowed and fell off. Now the tips of the leaves from the buds are yellowing a bit. I have stopped ferts in prep for harvest.

    When the glands do begin to change color where should I notice it first?
    Is it necessary to wait until they begin to change colors?

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