Long ex-wife story

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  1. So I'm gonna compress the past year in a half in one sentence before i get to the current issue. I leave her cause im not happy, i realized it wasnt her, i realize it to late, i have a breakdown, i get over it but she no longer wants to talk to me and we don't speak anymore. Ok, so each of those points could be a thread but heres the current deal. She is still telling people (we have several mutual friends) that i miss her and want her back, still. We talked once in the past 8 months and it was friendly, but just about getting the divorce done and even that was just a few emails so what the fuck? I would love to still be friends, but I dont want her back, we're two totally different people now, or at least I know I'm a completely different guy, I came back from my breakdown and therapy a new man. Is she just still not over it? I thought she was, but IDK. It really upsets me that she would still even be talking ABOUT me when she doesn't talk TO me. I want to say something to her about it, but honestly, I'm not totally sure the argument would even be worth it. She is quite stubborn and hates me anyway.:mad:
  2. Man just give her some time. She seams like she is still taking the divorce kindo hard. Shes in denial by saying that you want her back.
  3. yeah but you'd think after the time we have had she's be ok by now, she even has a new guy who she calls her husband, shoulda added that before but yeah. It really seems like she's over it, so id like the BS to stop.
  4. what are you expecting any of us to say?
  5. After you realized that she wasn't the problem in the relationship, you probably did something like tell her (or other people) that you wanted her back. That's reason enough to believe that someone still wants you IMO, especially if they've had a breakdown over it.

    You probably really are over her, but how's she supposed to know that if you rarely talk anymore?
  6. Yeah I did, bat that was a year ago, and ive made no attempts to talk to her, and told her I dont want her back when we have. and mattwood, idk, just venting mainly, seeing if anyone has been through it too, it really is a pain in the ass.
  7. from the way you talk about her, she isnt lying. you do want her back it seems
  8. Nah, I've moved on from it, I just hate the aftermath.
  9. that sucks you should just tell her to shut her suck hole, or be your friend
  10. Ended up just tellin to her go blow it up her ass.

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