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  1. Thank **** for Skype. Seriously.

    My fiance and I have to do long distance (other sides of the world, not just the country) for 5 months and we are only two weeks into that 5 months.

    We've already had one fight because I was a bit late getting to my computer to talk. Feeling pretty shit about the long distance... so was wondering, has anyone here got any advice for long distance relationships?
  2. It's unfortunate that you guys have started off so early with an argument. But I'd hope that you guys can communicate well enough to look passed the "better late than never" or "fashionably late" moment.
    Chances are it might even happen again, sometimes things just happen and not everything goes according to plan.

    My boyfriend has had to leave for school twice now, even though it was only for two months it was really shitty. Let me tell you one thing, it was difficult but it is possible!
    As long as you two can actually talk to one another and keep yourself occupied in the mean time things should be fine. I found that the more I did to keep myself busy the more we had to talk about.

    But remember if things get heated and you start to argue, agree to take the time to cool off. There's distance between you two, no need to add more stress to that. Also that distance really does make the heart grow fonder, so just think of when you guys reunite and all the love that will be present!
  3. time to get some webcams and cyber!! :confused::confused:
  4. Besides the fact that long distance sucks? No. Bf and I have the ongoing chat...but its nothing like living in the same town...fucking sucks.
  5. You two have to talk as much as possible. Phone calls and skype are the best, particularly the random calls. Stay interested in her life and respect her wishes. She's just as worried about the distance as you are. If you both do these things, and remain as intimate as possible given the space between you, you'll be fine. Good luck, man. And surprises mean more than you'd think.
  6. From personal experience, keep in mind that you two are getting through long distance because you love each other. It's going to be hard, i'm not going to lie. You're going to want to touch and feel that person, and you simply can't. Remember that you are going to see your s/o and that it's just a matter time. Try 5 months as compared to many happy years together in the future.

    It's key to try and solve problems in one sitting. I found it really hard to get back my significant other when we signed offline mad. You want to make sure you boyfriend is looking forward to talking to you, not the opposite.

    Goodluck! I was in sameboat a while ago, PM me if you need to talk.

  7. I moved about 300 miles from my GF to find work, shitty economy huh. Anyway she is finishing up college and had to stay. I see her every two weeks. We have been goin out for 3 years. It sucks man. I am five months into it now, and we have less than 2 to go. Just talk to her, be honest and don't cheat. She will find out and that will be the end of your relationship. That's all I had to do. When you see each other again, the sex is the best.
  8. Thanks guys and girls.

    No thought of cheating on her, maineman, I couldnt.
  9. And hope she feels the same
  10. None at all

    Gotta think of ideas for skype sex though :cool:

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