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  1. Well my significant other just left today for a month. I won't have any way to contact her via text or call and she quite possibly might not even have internet access. I've been smoking all day and went cliff jumping. I didn't bother taking my phone because it was only 3 PM EST and she told me she wasn't leaving until 7 PM EST. Well, turns out she was wrong because when I turned my phone back on at 4:20 PM EST I had a text saying, "I'm boarding the plane :(." I never responded though and now I feel awful and I really don't know what to think or where my heads at. I feel terrible but I don't know if I should because I didn't think she'd be leaving so early, but at the same time now she's possibly completely gone for a month. Well I just had to write it somewhere to get my feelings out and try to figure out how to make this ok.
  2. a month goes by quickly and there's a saying that goes, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder"
  3. She'll find a way man. Just live your life; she'll be back in your arms in no time.

    May I ask what she is doing?
  4. Ya, and it's true. It just never actually hit me until yesterday because that's the type of person I am. After she left though I realized I wouldn't have any communication with her for the next month and not only is she my signifigant other, but she's my best friend too so it just kind of sucks.

    She's from Europe and goes back to visit family every summer.
  5. That sucks, but at least you realize her importance in your life. Im sure she could receive mail though. Send her an 'I miss you badly' kind of card with a hand written letter. That will mean a lot to her. If she can get texts, send her one telling her youre sorry you missed seeing her off, etc. Good luck-she'll be back soon. At least you dont have to live in different towns, like I do with mine. It sucks assssss...
  6. Ya man, I know some actual long distance relationships that are permanent and that's much worse than being in my shoes. With that being said, she doesn't get texts, nor do I have her address. I do still kind of feel bad for not saying bye or seeing her before she left but I'm glad you can see the glass as half full though. Like you said, I guess it is good that I've realized her importance and I think with time apart, she'll do the same with me.
  7. least its not longer than a month. but you never know bro. not to put bad thoughts in your head... i got a friend who went to greece for a month and the whole time was paranoid about his girl cheating on him. like real controlling asshole shit he was doing.

    he told me he almost banged this girl in greece but didn't when he found out it was his cousin. he told me that's the only reason he didn't fuck around on his gf. but i think he banged his cousin and then found out about it and tried pullin that cheatin shit on his gf cuz he is guilty.
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    Man, I'm single. For this reason too actually. I can't let my summer get wasted like this so I'm not waiting around for her. It just hurts that she's gone. I told her I had no interest in anyone else and she said the same was true for herself. She told me she wouldn't hook up with anyone but kept insisting that I could. I think it was somewhat of a little test to see how I would respond but she knows she can't do that to me for a month.

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