Long distance relationships.

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  1. Anyone else in one? Mine is currently 2500 miles:/ lol but here is why I started this thread. My girl and I have been off and on for almost 5 years. The past year we have stayed solid and we both feel that we will make the long haul till we will be together.
    So since we have spent so much time just talking and learning everything about each other. We have both noticed we can effect each others moods without communicating. For example I'm just chilling with some friends and literally out of nowhere I get this feeling in my stomach. I just get really bummed out and depressed. So after an hour of feeling like this I get a call from my girl crying that an hour ago her mom kicked her out of the house and she's been wondering around crying trying to figure out what to do. Is that coincidence??? (her mom just tripped out and everything was fine later that day).

    Another thing that happened just the other day she calls me at like 2 in the morning while I'm playing some FIFA before I go to bed. She says she just threw up out of nowhere... And then out of no where I can't hear anything but this really loud... Idk think of a microphone up to a fan on high that's what it sounded like. It was really loud and intense. My vision went all white. I could barley make out the players on the pitch. (wasn't playing. Somewhere in this I dropped the controller and my phone) I could hear her yelling for me. My body was stuck in this weird position I probably looked like that one meme drawing lol but I was stuck like this for what felt like forever. I couldn't take a real breath I felt very sick and started sweating. I somehow picked up my phone and fell on my bed with the fan blowing on me. When I finally collected myself and told her what had happened she got really scared and said that was EXACTLY what had just happened to her. But she tried to run to the bathroom to throw up but didn't make it and threw up in her kitchen.

    What is going on? Anyone else experience anything like this?!?
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    My girlfriend is 2,862 miles/4,605 km away.. she lives in Mexico city with 9,000,000 people.. and she promises her life to me and a future, soon we'll be together and I can't wait. And it's so fun that I barely have to try to make her happy and drive her crazy.

    I kinda understand what you're talking about.. I stayed up late one night and messaged her a good morning message for her when she wakes up, 10 seconds later she was awake and apparently opened her eyes laying there and immediately thought of me and then looked at her iPod and we started chatting really late, it was crazy and then last night I stayed up to 4am, I was in the middle of typing her the usual good morning and I saw the icon that she was typing and got so excited, she said she woke up thinking of me and just went to read back our messages and the usual long goodbyes. And she always knows what I'm wearing or eating, it's scary. :)

    I have yet to experience the sickness feelings lol I guess sometimes we both get headaches and it goes away after talking. It's just been intense love adrenaline rushes and feelings I've never had before.

    I hope everything works out between you and your woman!
  3. I dated my ex then he moved 17 hours away (don't know how far that is) and it just didn't work out. We both just didn't work hard enough on it I guess...
  4. fuck that my bf went to australia so he was 10,500 miles away, i couldnt deal with it we had to break up, he came home after 6 months & we got back together but the whole long distance thing just doesnt work for me. we wereon and off 5 years before he went, still on & off now
  5. Well any off/on relationship is impossible to keep afloat. Especially on a long distance one. It's not easy you have to know that both are committed to making it work. If there is any benefit to our distance is it helps build trust. We go through shit all the time but we know we belong together and it keeps us going. If your not in a relationship that you want to be in for the rest of your life. if your just in a random for the sake of being in a relationship there is nothin to keep you from cheating or jealousy accusing the other of being unfaithful. It's not easy but I believe it will bring us closer together in the long run.
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    Oh yeah and my girlfriend isn't far away anymore, we made it work and she lives with me now. That was a while ago. But it was still pretty fun even when it was a long distance relationship before.
  7. Yeah, I was with my girl for about 7mos, then moved about 300 miles away. We kept it going for another year and a half, and I saw her once a month or so. Things got rough and she cheated on me and left me for another guy. I had a rough time with it but I moved on and found a better girl. I also got back at her by sleeping with her sister :laughing:

    Long distance relationships suck man.
  8. Yeah no argument there. If you can't keep it fresh it's not gonna last. But I am ecstatic to say that she got her plane ticket home!:) only 33 more days or something like that. A blink compared for how long I've waited for her. Ah I can hardly wait. :)
  9. its def sucks. thats the only statement i can say about my relationship in long distance. we was together for little than three years. been fighting most of time but we both believed that we could get through anything. when i first know that she going away for college and other reason which is hard for me to understand but last two year with us being apart was the difficult phase in my time of the relationship together. i told myself that it wouldnt work but i just kept on going. she was my first love and everything of course. there were times that she would be back of what she said. just weeks or few months of her moving back. i got dumped. it was pretty hard for me to handle but you know its a way of life but i will never go on long distance relationship ever again unless it someones famous! haha.. if you dont give up on what you beleived with your loved one, and you dont give up. then it will worth the wait. talking about my recent relationship pretty much got me want to smoke now. gotta go to smoke my problems away! haha.
  10. Anyone else in the 10,000+miles club?

    I was for a good two years, on and off, until we made it legal. :)

    If you're head over heels and in love with someone enough, it's more than worth being good, waiting and making it work... it's incredibly hard and lonely at times, but then when you see so many people screwing up easy, short-distance local relationships, it kinda makes you feel like you're the lucky one, just for having found someone on this planet you care so much for and who you can get along with so well. :p
  11. i can relate, my gf is all the way in new york livin with her dad for 2 or 3 years, she had a dentist appointment today to get some teeth pulled and the spot where i had one pulled about 8 or 9 months ago is hurtin, its like a weird ass ghost pain, feels like it did before i got it pulled but theres no damn tooth there to hurt! :confused_2:

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