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  1. Hey guys:)
    I was wondering if you have any advice because its much needed. Me and this guy really dig eachother and things are going perfect buuuut there's going to soon be an extreme distance between us two. I really really like him and he's done more than enough to prove how serious he is about it and I just feel like, well like he's it, he's the guy. For once I can truly say "I have an awesome boyfriend". I'm scared of making the wrong decision. I mean wouldn't you be willing to do all that you can for someone you genuinely care about? I know I am. If anyone has any expireience with this or would like to share some advice than please do so. You'd be helping me out big time because I'm sitting here smoking this pipe looking like I just committed murder contemplating this thought.
  2. I have/had a long distance relationship going on. It was going great for the first few months. The girl and I were closer than you could imagine, mentally, emotionally and physically. Out of no where it fell apart, which crushed us both.

    Make sure you both stay top priorities for each other. Talk often, on Skype or the phone not just texting. If it's meant to be, it'll last. When you don't see your SO often, it's really easy to just sweep them under the rug without you even noticing it.

    Trust and communication are the big things, if you trust your dude, I think it will be okay. You'll never know unless you give it a try !
  3. Simple answer...stay together and have flings on the side until youre able to be together again or things become a burden and fall apart.

    It depends how far he is and for how long but my advice is enjoy your time instead of hoping for him to come back ..these things hardly ever work out ..

    alternatively ..end it now on good terms and then if there's a chance in the future, it might work.
  4. out of sight/out of mind.
  5. I trust him. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make it work. I'm just really fucking scared I'll lose him. This whole thing is just really scary.
  6. I don't cheat because it isn't worth it. I don't want to end it though and neither does he but I'm wondering how much heartbreak it will save us in the end:/
  7. Not nessacarily true. I still think about my ex fiancee every single day.
  8. that's because he's your ex ...its easy to miss someone when theyre gone ...

    You need to be realistic about it or you'll end up hurt .. in a few months time, things will start deteriorating. You both have needs.
  9. give it time. he'll always be a memory, but you won't think about him the same way. everybody has ex's. everybody gets over them after awhile. that's it's own situation.

    but in a long distance relationship... you might not talk to your boyfriend for a little while, or you will and you might have a little argument... you won't be too happy with him and that "madly in love" thing won't be first in your mind... then you'll be out and have a real life conversation with a guy, and he'll charm you a little bit, and I'm sure you know where this is going and I don't need to keep saying it.

    the two of you could make it mutually known that you'll see other people and try again some day but idk how well that works.

    but I know a lot of people in long distance relationships, I'm in that 18-early 20's age group where everybody thinks they're in love with people who they live far away from because of school/whatever other reason. they all get fucked locally. it happens.
  10. Lol I'm only 20 I see exactly where you're coming from. I been through a lot in my short time to know enough what I want in a companion. Hoes don't mean a fucking thing to me. The idea of an open relationship is already being discussed. There may be 7 bil ppl out there but finding someone who matches you so perfectly and just letting them go seems very wrong.

  11. eh, it seems wrong when it happens. but that's life. people are like seasons.
  12. I think a "Yolo"is in order
  13. I think you know your relationship better than anyone. If you think the two of you can handle it go for it. If it's meant to be it will be.

    The last thing I would advise is "having flings on the side, until you see one another". That just sounds like it would complicate things further.

    Relationships are hard and long distance certainly doesn't make things easier. But, don't worry about the chances of it working out. Have reasonable expectation and an open mind.

    If it works out you'll come out stronger...shit even if it doesn't work out it will make you stronger.

    These are just my views. I hope this isn't found to be offensive.
    Best of luck!
  14. It wasn't offensive it was actually incredibly insightful and helped more than you probably think. Thank you
  15. i dont know I also get along with this girl I met but she's gonna be moving very far away soon. as much as we like each other I could never put her and I in that situation it wouldn't be fair to the two of us. I wouldn't say I love because we really just met a few months ago. But I do like her a lot, and I consider her to be my match. Just poor timing. If it was meant to be maybe later down the road we will meet but for now I'm just going with it get to know her as much as I can before she moves
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    See that just doesn't seem fair to me. People are put in your life for a reason. You either become a lesson or a blessing. I have some expireience with long distance relationships. My ex fiancee sat some time in jail n we managed to stay together but it was a short amount of time, nothing compared to what this is going to be. I'm making the most of my time with him haha that's for sure. We have a good amount of time to come to a conclusion but the suspense is freakin killing me.

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