Long distance driving?

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  1. Im about to move from dallas, tx to salt lake city ut. And im driving the entire way. Ive never drivin by myself longer than like 7 hours. This is a 20 hour drive 1250 miles.. What do you guys do to stay awake and energized? Also would weed make it a better drive??;)

    do you recommend i stop at a motel halfway there? I think im going to be pretty tired after driving 10 hours.
  2. I would stop somewhere and rest.
  3. Yeah, you definitely need to stop and rest. Get some good sleep the night before and stop relatively frequently to stretch and get some movement in.

    I would also do a risk analysis on driving pot 1250 miles across three state lines.

    Then again, the forecast on scoring green once you get there ain't lookin too good.
  4. it wouldnt be much weed. just enough for a few joints

  5. That's cool man, I'm just sayin play it safe.

  6. What he is really saying is take it to the hoop if you get pulled over, or just eat it.
  7. roll some j's for the trip
  8. When I was installing b.o.p.s I would drive to a job out by grand prairie wich took upwards of 8 hours, then 20 hours on site, then have to drive back to red deer, 8 hours away. You are suppost to trade off sleeping in the sleeper with your operater but mine was a piece of shit and always slept on the way back because he was an old burnt out mess.

    Piece of advice is dont toke if you are really tired and it is dark out, you will see shit that isnt there and everything moves. Drink coffee, in my experience I find energy drinks are good for like a 1 hour burst of energy but after that you are totally drained of any energy you had. If I drink 3 cups of coffee over a 5 hours or so I will be wide awake for 20 hours easy.

    Or if you can find bawls guarana get that stuff, it is like crack in a can. Dont drink this stuff if caffiene makes you all paranoid and jittery though, because this stuff will destroy you.

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    Like everyone said, rest often. Don't drive tired. If you take any bud, don't bring no more than you can eat :)

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  10. Pack a small cooler with sandwiches and drinks for eating on the go and make sure to pull into a rest area halfway through the drive and take a decent eight hour sleep. This will save you at least a hundred dollars in food and motel costs and you will make the drive with no problems at all.

    After waking up at the rest stop, make sure to grab a cup of coffee and a sandwich on the way out for energy on the road. Also, as a few have said, make sure to take about ten minutes outside of your car at every gas stop to walk around and prevent your ass from hurting too much.

    These are very basic rules to go by and will ensure that you don't fall asleep on the road. I've done it before, and believe me, you do not want it to happen.

    Good luck!

  11. Pack a fat ass sack, and whenever you have to take a piss do some push ups to keep your body feeling good. I trips from the bottom of cali to the top once maybe twice a year, longest adventure I took was a two day 2,000 mile trip to montana, good fucking times!

  12. Make sure it's Sativa dude. Indica will knock your ass house.

    Up-beat music?

    AN 8 ball?
  13. An 8ball of anything is no replacement for sleep.
  14. Good advice on the not taking more than you can eat.. Cops pull people with out of state tags over they like to get nosy and rude. If you're tired don't smoke it will just make it easier for you to fall asleep while driving.. Like eleven said there is no substitute for sleep. if you can't make a hotel pull off some where for a bit and crash in your car. I tried to go from Cali to TN non stop..wasn't going to happen..I'd rest every 8-10 hours so you can enjoy the trip..
  15. how much weed do you have?
  16. I wouldnt stand 20 hours without smoking so id bring as much weed as i'd use,if i was in youre place. but here i'd just take it with me..anyhow..
    if i was tired i wouldnt smoke and probably sleep for somehours.driving half asleep is dangerous.
    the most i ever driven was 10 hours i didnt sleep and i was drinkin coffee..i also smoked a bit at some point.but 20 hours is long..take some rest in the middle of the trip.
    have a nice trip.

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