long day...went from shrooms to rolls

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Fatjack4391, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. So for the last couple days my friends been saying that he can get boomers for 25 an 8th so me and a lot of friends all like combine to get like almost an oz and shit.

    so we get all the money together and they go to go get them, but they say when they got there the dude was like being raided or some shit, so they couldn't get them

    It just came to my attention that wasn't the case at all, and they only had enough for themselves in the car that went, so they just lied to us.

    so we were bummed (still thought guy was arrested) so we decide to try and get rolls. my friend makes a call and we get 16 for $150 but three friends had to go run and get it.

    So on the way there they were pulled over by a sheriff saying that when they drove by his dogs smelt weed so he was hassling them. their stories stuck so they went on there way.

    they get to the place where they're at and while the dude runs to get them an apartment in the same like complex is being raided by like 4 cop cars and shit.

    So they get them and dip and finally come back.

    they come back with some yellow supermans, reddish/orange jesus', a green new york and a yellow new york i think.

    So i chew a yellow and blow a red and I'm rolling nuts.

    so good times.
  2. NICE ROLLS! i just popped 2 ucf's feelin soooo good. gonna be a long night brotha!
  3. hell yeah man.

    Guitar Hero for the fucking win.
  4. thats fucked up about the shrooms though...you friends should at least hit you back with the money you gave them. if you had done the shrooms with the bombs you wouldve been in for a great one...hippy flipping and candy flipping are great combos.

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