Long beach Cali ? Sk8ers

Discussion in 'General' started by Peace2Cee, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. Anyone from Long beach Cali ? My friend is stayin over there until April and he's looking for chill people that skate and shit . He's dope as fuck , 18 but he's cool and a beast at skating . Used to be sponsored and shit , moved to Cali for a while just to skate , kids dope just trynna find him some g's out there !
  2. Yup .. NSLBC right here .. but i havent lived out there fo years i'll still rep it everywhere i go tho .. i can tell ya where da skaters hang out at tho their usually by the beach or over by 1st street or go to the infamous lakewood mall in lakewood there are usually skaters out front if the obz (oriental boyz) & the abs (asian boys) arent their first ..

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