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  1. Hello all, I am going to start growing for a local community and my goal is to reach 1 pound every harvest with a hydro drip system I would like to use low energy efficient lighting, florescent, LED etc. This would be for none profit and I got about a grand to get my initial grow room set up and if I can't reach a lb with it I will add extinctions when I can to reach my goal. I have grown out door twice so seeing how I have little experience in the field of growing at all let alone growing indoor I need some help. What are the best nutes for every phase of the plant? Should I buy LED lights or make them? I would really prefer one lighting system of the entire grow, like what sort of led lights could I use threw out the entire grow? I was thinking of something along the lines of


    What I am really needing is what kind of light system should I use? I don't want grow lamps because of the thermal foot print and the electricity cost. Thanks in advance

    peace and love meadowg.
  2. IMO your going to need an HID, no christmas lights or Floro's are going to bring in the weight you are talking about. I would say a minimum of 600w HID is required.
  3. links 2 items refering 2 would b great!
  4. Mr.B is correct. If you are serious about a venture that size, a 1000w would be even better. LEDs are the wave of the future, but they aren't cost effective yet. You can google HPS grow lights and find any number of businesses tha carry various brands, shapes and sizes. I wouldn't worry about leaving a "heat footprint" or anything like that. The cops aren't worried about something that small, and it wouldn't even show up on a FLIR. Make sure you check out these threads and do your research before you make this decision. It shouldn't be taken lightly. Best wishes......
  5. thanks much, so how many bulbs would i need?
  6. that really depends on the size of your grow space. but for the yield you want(depending on size and shape of your room) you could either do 2x 400w HPS, 1x 600w HPS or 1x 1000w HPS
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    I'm down for w/e will bring in the biggest yield

    also what would optimum grow space be?
  8. i cant be of the most help in the grow area design but if i were to do it i would prob have

    6'x6' room wiht at least 7' cieling
    16 plants in a 4x4 square
    3 gal pots
    1000w hps
    that would probably exceed the 1lb requirement though
  9. 1000w gets pretty hot. When I did 1000w, I had them in a small bathroom (approx. 6' x7'). But I had a window AC unit blowing across the top of the garden.
  10. Your first grow will include a ton of learning DO NOT set your standards to high on the first attempt. I would be willing to bet on your second time around with a 600w you could pull a pound down from 6 plants. I have done it with 4 plants and a 600w and come very close with a 400w. I see the bubble bucket guy pulling it down with 3 plants and a 400w.

    My point is do not set your standards so high, you must learn to grow first, then talk to us about yeilds. :wave:
  11. how much will a 1000w raise my electricity each month?
  12. ]Mr. Bubbles is spot on with his advice here......Concentrate on all of the information available here, read and ask questions. Without knowing what size space you have available, its hard to say what light to use, but if you have the space, at least a 600w and preferably a 1000w. There are some good deals on 1000's at HTG, and if you can afford it, I'd get a switchable ballast so you can optimize your growth with MH and HPS lighting:

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    Tough question to answer without knowing what you pay per kWh. I am around 11 average last I checked. SOOOO That is (24 hrs x 1kWh x 30 days x .11 rate)

    I could be WRONG, but I would guess for me around $80.00.

    There are lots of things to consider, odds are the ballast is not going to use exactly 1000 watts and your kWh rate maybe higher or lower than .11. Keep in mind when you calculate your rate to include all the delivery and other fees. TO make it even more difficult most companies have peak and non peak rates. (maybe use the average here) FINALLY when you hit flower you will be running HALF that LOL.
  14. thanks for the info, I plan on using the spare bed room in my appartment I will get measerments of it in today keep in touch, thanks for all the help thus far!
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    ok my work space is now a 5x10 foot soo tell me what you think? good bad need more space?

    also from the base of the pant to the ceiling its 7 ft good bad?
  16. im very interested in your grow. I plan to try to do something very similar to get around that same one pound yeild. Keep a journal of building your grow room, and your grow itself, i would like to see this thing thru, as would many others im sure.
  17. cool beans, keep in mind it will be my first indoor grow, also that I have yet to start on
  18. As Mr.B said dont expect a crazy yield the first time. First time is all about learning. My first time, which just ended, I learned that I did not have enough light and the buds did not reach their full potential. But I just bought a 400w HPS and 4 5700k CFLs for this grow coming up
  19. need more input on my grow space

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