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  1. Hi, all! I'm just someone not too into the stoner life just yet, but hold a ton of questions. I hope I can share my odd and scary experiences I've had in hopes I can enjoy weed like I used to.
  2. "The Stoner Life" or a "Stoner" can be anyone. It can be the respectable manager you work with at your job. It could be the nice old lady neighbor across the street that you say good morning too on most mornings Stoners can have an outgoing, busy life, with all kinds of socializing. They can also be introverted, preferring to observe and keep engaging their mind with questions and philosophies internally. You never really know who is a stoner, until you get to know them. Whatever you enjoy doing in life, cooking, hiking, thinking, making things, fucking, gardening, working on cars, tinkering, people watching (always fun), listening or playing music <drums!>, can be that much better when stoned.

    I recommend a classic: A Child's Garden of Grass. A Pre-Legalization Comedy. Elektra Records - EKS 75012.

    You're in luck:
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  3. Welcome, there may be a stoner or two hanging around here. :jump:
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  4. Woe, beautiful insight. Where exactly can I post about losing that feeling? That's kind of why I joined the website. I used to love smoking alone, but lately it only makes me become very self loathing. I miss the good feeling it once brought me.
  5. And thank you all for your welcomes!
  6. Take up growing. You’ll be so busy worrying about mildew and critters that there is no time for self loathing. :love-mj2:
    There are some great conversations on here, get stoned and enjoy. It sounds like you may have a case of the blues and I completely understand it.
  7. Haha well I keep myself occupied with my animals that's for sure, but I will try and pick up some more hobbies. Just been in a lonely rut is all I think. Lost my last bit of friends so have had no one to actually chat with in person, so smoking alone makes me more aware of that.
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    Other than helping my grandma when I was really young (5-10 years old) in her garden, I never got into gardening until after I started growing pot. Gardening is fun! And you really learn about plants and insects and the balance you must provide as the gardener. It's therapeutic. And you grow really good food that beets (pun) the hell out of any overcharged and substandard produce you buy at the super-market. Making Chili with FRESH Tomatoes, OMG. Or having the potatoes you just pulled with some chicken (with rosemary you plucked). Then you start to research. Buying/Borrowing/Stealing/Pirating garden books and you read those. Applying that knowledge. Understanding the movement of the sun for your particular latitude.Conditioning Soil. Rebuilding soil. Understanding Soil types. Understanding USDA Zone Hardiness. Organic Fertilizers (Comfrey!!!!!..I talk to much about this plant, but too fucking bad..it ROCKS). Frosts and Last Frosts. Helping the Bees (they need all the help we can give them). Sweating and moderate exercise when you are hoeing the weeds out (and possibly using those weeds as a liquid manure <like comfrey>), talking to other gardeners, picking their brain, and teaching/educating your granddaughter or daughter or friend. It all comes full circle. I thank my Grandma and Pot for reminding me of the virtues of Gardening. It's well worth it. Especially when the shit will hit the fan and we have famine or food shortages, etc.

    During WW2, the government (and if there is such thing as good propaganda, this would be a good example, if one sets aside the whole 'morals of war' thing for a moment), instituted a mass campaign to get people to grow gardens on a grand scale. Called Victory Gardens. These were used to help supplement the troops with food, but also to provide families with food as well. After the war, many of those gardens continued to thrive, instilling the virtues of gardens/gardening to the generations of families whose predecessors tended those gardens, and passed on their knowledge and experience to their kin. Ok, I'll shut up now.

    Trust me, grow weed now, and you will <want> to grow for example, tomatoes and god knows what else next year. Your body will thank you.

    * Oh, and if you are sadistic, you can get into grafting too! Johnny Appleseed refused to graft because he thought it was a sin..lol. Thats what I'm going to do once winter hits. I got a Pacific Malus (er..Malus fusca) (Pacific Sour Apple variety) tree growing, and I'm going to graft 4-5 varieties on it and have my own little multi apple tree. But you have to research pollinators (double/triple pollinators, etc)..it gets intriguing learning how Mother Nature/God works.
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