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  1. I'm having one of those loner moments when it really hits you that you're single...Yeah it kinda blows, cause I'm all high and shit too.

    I was about to make some food when I thought, "I remember cooking for my girlfriends, I wanna cook for my girlfriend, OH YEAH, I don't have one :mad:"

    They always found it so surprising that I can cook, like I wasn't supposed to know how or something, but I think they always enjoyed it.

    So, I wish I had a girlfriend that I could cook for right now. But I don't, cause I'm loser

    Anyway, off the chest and on to the net for all to judge.....don't pity me, they come and go as I'm sure some here know, I just wanted to get out of my mind and this helped.
  2. You can cook for me if that helps. :)

    I can't be your girlfriend though, sorry. :(
  3. WTF? Don't be sad, being single is great ;)
  4. Oh I know it is. It's these little moments that are few and far between that get to me sometimes. But as soon as I see my friends in their relationships I just think "yep, that's why" and because I can do anything I fucking want at anytime I want. They all have to ask and shit.

    so yes, overall I'm happy to be single.
  5. Even though it is possibly depressing to think this way, but at least the time you spend without a girlfriend you're saving cash...

    Plus being single means you can flirt and there's no one to get on your shit about it. :wave:
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    wow. you and I are pretty much opposites. You seem to think that it's strange when you don't have a girlfriend and I think it's strange when I do.

    seriously, if I had a girlfriend right now that would be a really weird/un-familiar feeling. I haven't had a relationship last over a month in over four years.:eek:

    another way we're pretty much opposite-I stop caring that I'm single while high.

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