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lonely stoner

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by emitch, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. Speaking of being a loner stoner:

    I have been smoking for about a year now. The high has dulled for sure since I remember the days of first smoking. I used to get high alone all the time and absolutely love ever minute of it. Now I seem to be just getting lonely when I get stoned alone. I don't know if it's my depression or if my highs really just aren't as good as they used to be.
  2. if your getting high by yourself have an agenda,

    like set up things to do beforehand so your not sitting around lonely,

    And if your smokin the same weed as when you first started see if you can find a different variety, that will bring the high back.
  3. I smoke alone a lot just because I don't have many stoner friends, but when I do I always have something to do, like watch cartoons I have on my computer or something.

    Also, if the high has dulled, just take a break for 2 or 3 days. It doesn't seem like much but your tolerance will drop a lot and the next week of smoking will be even better. I try to do that all the time, like I'll smoke for a few days, then stop, then smoke for a few days. It save me money too.
  4. I smoke alone, its tight you go find the dankest bud your area has to offer, roll a blunt and smoke it to the head, tell me if the high is "dull" then :smoke: i do it all the time....
  5. as long as you arent the paranoid type, smoke some and head out to public.

    personally I prefer smoking by myself because I am extremely cautious... but I love walking around the town when Im blazed
  6. yeah i smoke by myself most of the time cause it is more relaxing then and make a agenda, but i love to get blazed and just watch some movies so relaxing
  7. Well if you're getting lonely, then you clearly need to make some kind of a change. If you dont have smoking buddies, find some people who dont care if you're high around them.... or just dont tell them (most people think i'm just weird, but i'm actually high pretty much all the time).

    Are you lonely because you sit there and think "i'm smoking pot alone, this is bad"? because i used to be like that till i realized that i just fucking love to smoke and i love being high even more. So if thats the case, dont let society dictate how you feel about the decisions you make. Just a thought...

    If you're of age, go to the bar. After a few drinks, anyone will be friendly and accepting. :)
  8. yes i am very much a loner stoner, but when i toke up i like to drive around with the radio off and just observe... but most of the time people are coming over to smoke pot but preferably i'd like to smoke alone!
  9. yea i know this one kid and after you smoke with him he always wants to get home to be alone as quickly as possible. I like smoking alone or being with one or two friends the most. But eveery once in a while its fun to just smoke a fat blunt with a big group you know.
  10. Yo man, smoking by yourself is pretty cool... but there's nothing like smokin it up with friends. If you're gonna do it alone though, try this: I smoked everyday by myself for about 2-3 months. It got really boring. So I mixed it up. I bought different strains, more potent strains, I toked in a different location each time, went to different places when i was high, ate different food, went on a nature walk, etc. Just change it up, and you should be cool. If not, call over a friend and get em high.
  11. stop smoking for about 2 weeks to let your tolerance down. then chief a huge bowl of some dank! :smoke:

  12. Hell yeah, wake an bake, then head to the mall an trip your ass off on everyone.
  13. Maybe try a bunch of new stuff while baked, Yea i love rideing my bike around high i still remember the frist time i ever went on a high bike ride lol i just had a huge sesh with my older brother and biked out to work to buy some buds, I was biking down the road with a Huge smile on my face, using my cell phone ringer as music lol. ( can't remember what song any more tho )

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