Lonely shit

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  1. Man I think the only thing I miss about bein in a relationship is just having someone to talk too. A kid gets lonely. I need a down girl to smoke a blunt with from time to time.. 😪"It started out kinda scary though.. Yo PRO peep the scenario. We had the caps,fire, and the shrooms like Mario" -longlivesteelo #47
  2. I just looked up that song. never heard before, it's good.
    but yeah I think we all just want someone we can feel comfortable/open around, and like we can always count for them to be there for us, and enjoy smokin together. but being hard to find makes them all that more enjoyable I guess.
    Kinda like when I was a kid my grandma made pancakes every sunday. if she had made em everyday i wouldn't have valued those delicious flap jacks as much. I always knew they'd be there every sunday. and then one day they weren't, ya know?
    lyfe n shit.
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    nigga i know your not serious. all you miss is dat booty
  4. man i hear ya. idk why but my ex's booty is a lot more desirable now that I cant tap it everyday. its fucked up

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