Discussion in 'General' started by Artmmiii, Sep 7, 2001.

  1. Wow, I just looked down and noticed that i am the only one on here. Oh how loneliness cries deep from my soul, Keeps trying to tell me 'bout the world growing so cold. ~Grand Funk Railroad

  2. I feel your pain, man. Lol, one thing I've learned today: Stock up on more desirable munchies. That, and READ labels more thoroughly at the grocery store. I got some soup called "pepper pot" by campbell's, thought, "hmmm, looks like stew! I'll try it.." I'm in the stoned, hungry, thought I'd try somethin' new mode, I start reading the soup label while nuking...there's TRIPE in it...well, ok, I still have an open mind..then dammit I tasted it. BLECHHH. Anyone care to come eat it for me? That's some naaasty shit. :)

    What I really want is an ice cream sandwich!!
  3. thanks stonygurl - cheered me right up!!! Yeah, that tripe is some nasty stuff. Don't think I want any of it, but the Icecream sandwich sounds cool!!
  4. mmmm........tripe ice cream sandwich.....
  5. *noted...pepper pot,cambells=TRIPE...eew
    tripecream sandwich eh?
  6. My GOD what a horrible experience. I've eaten tongue, heart, liver, etc. But I draw the line at TRIPE. What I really need is CHOCOLATE. Could someone please email me some?

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