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    I don't even know why I'm posting this, so hate me if you must...but I guess I've got to just release it.
    Right now, I just smoked a big fat blunt and it feels awesome; I felt inclined to work on art and zone out to music but after doing that for a bit I feel really restless for some reason?

    I like being high by myself, but right now I feel like company would be really nice.

    What do you prefer *at this particular moment*? Getting high with someone else or being alone?
  2. D......"all of the above":D:smoke:
  3. definitely both equally, depending on the people of course.
  4. I have heard that being lonely can be caused by a person not liking them self in some way, or they're unhappy with their own company. Unless you are just talking about anxiety, that's another story. I get lonely too sometimes.

  5. This isn't the case in regards to myself. Although I admit to having faults I do not like about myself, it does not ultimately effect my self esteem.

    I definitely have issues with anxiety; I think it's because I am a very active person but have been forced into a mundane life style recently.
    I am anxious to get out of it and start having adventures.

    Lately I find I am reaching out to people more; stimulating conversation distracts me from the frustration of the daily tasks I experience.
  6. I like smokeing alone a lot, but at the same time smokeing with my friends is never not fun. Lol so I guess both. I guess it depends on my mood that day. If I were to smoke right now I would rather be alone in the conford of my own house
  7. i smoke alone
    i drink with friends

    smoking boosts my artistic potential but makes me anxious
    drinking makes me more social

    best thing tho is to smoke up and work on a tune :D
  8. Dont mind............
  9. Depends how I'm feeling, sometimes I just want to chill alone and watch an episode of one of my favorite shows or zone out and do some gaming. Other times I want to go out on the town flying high with friends. There is a time for both.
  10. If they're matching, with somebody else. It depends on the amount of weed I'll be able to consume, whichever involves the most in my favor.

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