Lone Survivor (2013) ..black hawk down 21 years later

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  1. So all toked up we marched to our waypoint and took up an over watch position on the target at 30 meters.....blazed to fuck.
    ..., jee....! these are the tough seal guys that killed Bin-Ladin and by the time this flick got in gear I was straightening up, and if you are a fan of battle movies you will find this one highly predictive, but not really boring, theres many a twist to keep you awake, but the reason why the mission failed in the first place is still being rattled around in the bar.... right now....lol
    Just what would you do....? like the man said 'they will send you to Leavenworth for doing that....?'
    score 7/10

  2. option 2 for sure
    tie em up and leave them there
    their original plan as far as the film portrayed it was to cut them loose then turn 180 and and hike a ways out til the next day and consider the mission a failure, but as far as the movie goes it seems like they cut them loose and they dont make much distance away from the enemy brigade.  If it were me I would have tied up the goat herders and maybe left them with a way to cut themselves loose after a while of struggle so that by the time the enemy was alerted we'd have been long long gone into a better spot that wasn't so seemingly close.. idk like i said the way the movie portrayed their original flee from the goat herders was that they hardly made any ground at all and then just settled into a rather weak spot in the woods, then they get surrounded.
    good movie though, sad story
  3. The movie was a 10/10. I've read the book and I won't spoil anything for anyone but obviously this movie had to be "Hollywooded" a little but for the most part it's on point for getting the general story down. And in the movie you'll see these guys get shot and keep fighting and everyone said that was them just adding to the movie.. Wrong. One of the seals had 11 bullets in him when found these guys fought till the couldn't anymore such a good story/movieSent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  4. I agree I thought it was a 10/10 movie Ben Foster had great acting,and I hate the fact that "The Dark Knight" and "The Avengers" have a higher score than this movie..
  5. Went and seen this. I liked it alot, 9/10. ...results of THC intake for 10 solid years, so far.
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    i thought the movie was cool, i expected alot less falling down mountains tho. when i got home i played lots of battlefield. 
    oh and before i go, The Dark Knight was leaps and bounds better than this movie, idk why anyone would even question that. 
  7. Agreed no Comparison 
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    8/10 . I really enjoyed this movie it was a little unrealistic at parts but most people don't like reality. Like the 2 kids and old man, just tie them up and stick a knife in the dirt inbetween all 3. They will get free and wont die and you'll get a decent headstart to call in the target and get the op completed.
    I don't think you can really compare Lone Survivor to Black Hawk Down. Two totally different concepts...
  9. Havent seen the movie but the book was great
  10. a 7 or 8 for me.  Pretty decent film but way unrealistic I felt in terms of gun shots obtained and falling down steep rocky slopes head first etc.  But yeah good film if you like those army kinda movies.
  11. You'd be surprised at what you would do to avoid being shot.

    There are medical records to verify the gun shot wounds.
  12. People react differently when theyre shot.. most commong being shock.

    Dirt isn't ideal and will probably cause an infection but stopping blood loss is the priority

    Not sure why the other comments bothered you

    It's just sad to see you even compare those movies with this one. Lone Survivor was about real life warriors not a comic book.

    Also, read about Marcus Lutrell. Even after that ordeal, he still didn't quit the Navy. He is also an extremely humble man still suffering from those events.

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